Thursday, 22 May 2014

12 weeks

by Bex

This week has been an amazing turnaround for me.  We had our first antenatal appointment at the Southern General Hospital last week and met our consultant who runs the twin clinic.  We will have more than the usual number of check up appointments due to carrying twins, our next appointment is in June.  Anyway, she asked how I'd been and I explained I was coping but struggling with sickness and she asked if I would like something to help, I could have hugged her!  This week, I finally managed to get my prescription for Ondansetron and it has made the world of difference!  I now haven't been sick for 3 days and have been sleeping better.  I feel like myself again and I've been managing work so much easier this week.

Yesterday we had our 12 week scan and it was awesome!  One of the thoughts I used to struggle with was the thought of missing out on these pregnancy milestones and exciting stages.  I know a lot of the things I used to get upset about could be construed as superficial (photos, having a bump, etc) but the more meaningful things were just too painful to even think about.  Mostly, even though I knew I might struggle with sickness (I am terrible at coping with being ill!), I just really, really wanted to be able to experience everything involved in pregnancy and now that I'm feeling better, I can really appreciate everything else!

Watching our babies bouncing, waving and kicking was just amazing.  Baby number 2 (the one slightly higher up) was very well behaved and easy for our sonographer to measure and check everything she needed to in about 10 minutes.  We watched the legs stretching out and up and baby flipping its whole body which was just amazing as I can't feel anything yet and it just blows my mind to think of these gymnastics happening inside me right now!!

Baby 2 stretching those long legs up, touching its toes to the sac, its wee hand is resting on its belly

Baby number 1 was not quite so cooperative!  Lying looking away from us or almost in the correct position but refusing to turn its head despite the sonographer jiggling it with the ultrasound probe, getting me to cough, wiggle, dance and bump my hips up and down.

We were secretly quite pleased (despite some discomfort as she poked and prodded the probe into my tummy to try to get a better view) as we ended up being in there for another 30 minutes getting to watch our babies!  :)  It was really surreal watching it react to movements.  Baby 1 did eventually get into the right position but then wouldn't stop waving its hand in front of its face which made things difficult for the sonographer again but we got some great views of our mischievous baby saying hello!

In the end, we left with 10 pictures of the babies!  I'd been hoping for one of each so was delighted when she handed over a massive bundle for us!!  Obviously we love looking at them and our parents were blown away at the detail.  The two below are the ones with the best facial views (Baby 1 still has its hand in front of its mouth!)...

We also have one showing their heads from above, side by side.  Baby 1 is slightly bigger than Baby 2 but looks more so in this picture as its in a different position as well...

And just before we left, they were lying head to head as close as possible, so cute!

Its really sinking in that this is happening for us.  We're going to have actual babies!  We're doubling Team M!  I don't think I've ever felt this happy!

How far along: 12 weeks

Size comparison: limes

Weight gain: -7lbs

Cravings/food preferences: pickles - cornichons & silverskin onions, sweets, still mostly eating potato waffles sometimes with cheese on, expanding to salads and sandwiches now too, yay!

Symptoms: last week - evening sickness, tiredness, constipation - all the fun things!!  lol.
This week - mild nausea but feeling SO much better now I'm taking Ondansetron!  Also sleeping better.


Katie said...

So happy for you and Nic. The pictures are so clear, our 12 week scan was just a blur. Congratulations! Xx

Emma R said...

So glad your scan went well, and what an added bonus being able to see them for a bit longer and get more photos! I was amazed that you could see the movements so clearly when we had our 12/40 scan, and to see the difference by 20/40 was even more amazing! Hope your symptoms settle down soon - I've had no vomiting or cravings at all, and strangely felt like I was missing out on part if the whole pregnancy experience, but now I'm 29/40 tomorrow and I'm just glad things seem to be going ok!

Loving all the pregnancy updates! X

M-J said...

Congratulations! so glad everything is going well, and how lovely to get so many pictures. Hope you continue to feel better x

Vonnie said...

Just a suspicion, but I wonder if one slightly bigger baby means one boy and one girl.
These photos are just lovely though, my heart is just full of happiness for the two (four!) of you x

Vonnie said...

Just a suspicion, but I wonder if one slightly bigger baby means one boy and one girl.
These photos are just lovely though, my heart is just full of happiness for the two (four!) of you x

Unknown said...

Aah so, so exciting! The 12 week scan is mind blowing, doubly so in your case! Glad to hear you are feeling a good bit better too x

shella said...

Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL...times 3...Bex and the scan images.
Glad its going well and you are now getting a good nights rest and enjoying eating normally. Love all the images.

Shella x

Lizzie said...

SO happy for you! TWINS! Double the fun X

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