Friday, 11 July 2014

A star is born!

by Roz

Hello everyone! It's been quite a while since I wrote a blog post, just about 9 weeks actually...those of you that follow me on twitter or Instagram will know what's been keeping me busy of late! As the title of this post suggests baby star was born at the start of May :)

I was so in love with him before he was born but as soon as I saw him my heart literally burst with love - check out that wee pout!

I'd love to share our birth story with you all, it was rather eventful (nothing too scary) but it was a short labour, with B genuinely worried that we were not going to make if to the hospital in time (we did -just!) and thankfully everything went well and we got home from hospital the same day.  I'll hopefully get a post finished to share with you soon.

Baby Aaron was born at 7.29am and weighed a chunky 8lbs9oz, as you can see he was born with a head full of super blond hair! It's still very blond and spiky :)

Life has been a bit of a blur since he was born - I swear time speeds up when you have a baby! - Aaron already weighs 14lbs (that's a stone people!!) and has changed so much in such a short time.

I am loving being a mummy to my gorgeous boy, I just wish Bex wasn't about to move to the other end of the country so he could grow up with the twinnies as his besties :(

Roz xx

Ps I promise to be back soon with our birth story and some exciting house update posts - we've sold our flat and move next month!!


Unknown said...

Such a little dude! x

Unknown said...

Star indeed, that last photo is so cute!

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