Thursday, 5 June 2014

14 weeks & House Hunting in Sussex

by Bex

So I definitely spoke too soon on my 12 week update.  The amazing feeling sadly didn't last and my sickness is still present, albeit less severely but evenings are still often a struggle.  Anyway, work is definitely easier and I am able to eat a slightly better variety of foods now.  Although sometimes the mini Ms still just want those potato waffles!

Recently I have been managing to get a bit more done other than just suffering through work, eating and sleeping.  It's just as well I'm feeling generally better now as our flat went on the market last Friday and we've already had 13 viewings (including a few 2nd viewers) and we have 4 notes of interest in so we're closing tomorrow - fingers crossed for lots of good offers!!  Eeeek!  It's absolutely knackering keeping the flat perfect and tidy all the time and having to show people round after I finish work almost every day, especially as Nik has been on 13 hour shifts since he's been back from Sussex.  I'm so pleased there's been so much interest as it will be one less stress once it's sold.

Speaking of which, we're full on house hunting now.  I never really got round to explaining on the blog that we're not actually moving to Brighton now.  We discovered that the commute to his other hospitals would be a bit too far from there after the first 2 years.  Instead we've been looking a little more North and between Horsham and Uckfield.  Being in the middle means commute times for all his hospital bases will be more manageable.

We fell in love with a house in Uckfield last week that Nik had seen but sadly lost out despite it only being on for a week (can't complain really since that's what we're hoping happens here).  The problem is, once you find a house you love, all other houses are compared to it and we can't find anything similar.  We're heading down again this weekend (all a bit last minute) to view some more which are in better locations for London/Brighton trains so may be worth sacrificing the massive garden and larger square footage for.  Although the location advantage is purely a social one for us as Nik's shifts mean he has to drive anyway and I'll be on mat leave when we move so I have no idea where I'll end up working.  Having said that, I did love that the other house was based in a small town but was on the edge of lots of woodland and had a cemetery over the back so no one overlooking and lots of lovely walks nearby.  Clearly I'm not over that house yet!

How far along: 14 weeks

Size comparison: lemons

Weight gain: -7lbs - This has now levelled out and I've finally stopped losing although am yet to gain much despite my diet improving.

Cravings/food preferences: this week has been all about apples in the evenings!  (This is excellent news for my bowels.)  I'm also now managing to eat even more normal things like (bland) pasta and cake!

Symptoms: ever expanding bump - my most exciting pregnancy related change so far!  Milder nausea, minimal sickness, more manageable tiredness.  :)

Thanks for all the amazingly helpful comments on prams/buggies the other day by the way, it's so helpful to have Mums with real experiences to advise us!  :)


steff said...

Did I reply to your buggy post? My brain is mince.

Sad to hear your sickness is lingering, hopefully it tails off for you soon and you can get on with envying rare steaks and blue cheese with the rest of the preggos.

Genuinely sad that you're leaving Scotland but excited to hear all your house hunting news. Good luck with the flat sale, it's a gorgeous place so I'm sure you won't have any bother. xxx

Amanda said...

I am so happy to read your updates and glad to read everything is going well. Hang in there. I also ate a lot of apples! Hugs and good luck house hunting.

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