Sunday, 29 June 2014

18 weeks and a new house!

by Bex

So much has been happening!  Today I am 18 weeks pregnant and I am feeling better day after day (although I think as I feel better generally, my back is slowly deteriorating!  The trials of a job which can cause back problems then combined with a bump and extra stress unfortunately!) and with that, am much more like my usual self again.

We have a house!  You awesome people can obviously work actual magic (seriously, I'm asking for a unicorn next!) and after Nik's 24 hour trip down to Sussex on Tuesday, we were convinced on our favourite house (he took lots of lovely videos for me including the views from windows as instructed) even more and made an offer.  The first one was rejected which didn't surprise us as it's always worth trying a lower one first we reckon.  But our second offer did the trick!  It was still a little under what they wanted and we ended up meeting halfway.  Perfect!  Hopefully it means we're happy AND they're happy and there's much less chance of us getting gazumped or any of the other awful last minute problems it seems the horrible English house-buying system can throw at you!  Seriously, I don't know how anyone ever moves in England when you don't even have to settle on a date for moving out/in.  Very strange and inconvenient, no wonder they make a big deal out of chain free houses.

I am already a pinning machine with lots of inspiration for all the different rooms!  I'll definitely write a post soon with more info about the house!  :)

We think we've decided on our buggy at last!  I recently spotted a couple walking past me when I was in the car (in the direction I was going) and they had twins in car seats on a buggy.  I considered pulling over to question them about it but was concerned about scaring them so whizzed past and round into the supermarket carpark (my destination) thinking I might have time to run through to the path and ask them but I got held up at lights and had given up.  Luckily (sometimes I believe in fate!) they then walked into the same supermarket so I accosted them by the door!  They were a lovely couple with 4 month old twin girls and were happy to chat away about having twins, their buggy and giving me tips :)

It just so happened that the buggy was one I had just had recommended to me on Twitter by Tricia at Nurture Me and had not had a chance to look at yet, the Mountain Buggy Duet.  It's one of the cheaper options and is the narrowest side by side double buggy, at just 63cm it's the same as a single one!  It takes carrycots and car seats and although it's a more boring black than the Bugaboo Donkey which comes in a range of colours, I think it will be lighter, much easier to manoeuvre and less bulky.

As it's thinner, we may find we can't use it for as long as some of the others when the babies are toddlers as they'll have less room but we could hopefully sell it and maybe I can then get the colourful, fun Cosatto Pixelate when I no longer need all the extra attachments.  To combat the boringness of the Duet (and pad it out a bit for comfort) I've already got my eye on these reversible lime/teal and raspberry/purple buggy liners to brighten it up ;)

Yesterday I had an AMAZING spa day with Vikki (who's in a very similar boat to us at the moment with her husband pursuing the same career path as mine only they're off to Liverpool) at Turnberry.  With all the house stress recently on top of my aches and pains, it was properly therapeutic as well as being enjoyable.  So relaxing!  I got a new tankini from Mothercare for the occasion (and also so I can go swimming more often without worrying about my only cossie being soggy) and we also enjoyed a full on 2 hours of munching our way through an awesome afternoon tea (more details on the whole day soon, I promise)!




How far along: 18 weeks (potentially half way considering the twins will come before 37 weeks)

Size comparison: bell peppers

Weight gain: haven't checked for a while!

Cravings: nothing particularly but I am MUCH less fussy now

Symptoms: rare nausea, sore back, sore hips (I've bought a wedge cushion which is already helping), small hernia (eek!) - just above my belly button when I cough I can feel a wee lump protruding but I'm hoping it won't get worse!!  I'm loving my bump which is much more obvious to other people now and I'm having fun dressing it :)

Things for babies: I've now made a huge list of things to buy as soon as we move, especially now I can imagine decorating the rooms in our new home!  I've also been researching co-sleepers as we are definitely getting one of these!

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It is so nice to see you so happy. xx

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