Thursday, 19 June 2014

Fun and stress

by Bex

Everything is happening at once.  After our long, long wait for our babies, we're obviously super excited and now that more fun things are happening (and a lot less sickness!) it's even more thrilling.  I have a serious bump starting now and I've started feeling the babies moving!  It's been hard to tell before if I'm feeling them or if it's just wind as the sensations are similar - kind of like bubbles or internal twitching.  On Tuesday night after my first aquanatal class (much harder work than I expected but really good fun and the midwife running it is lovely!) I was sitting on the sofa chilling out waiting for Nik to get home and it was the first time I was convinced it was actually a baby I was feeling.  It felt a bit more definite and when it stopped, I pressed on the area to jiggle the baby and it started again, our first two way communication ;)  (Me: Is that you in there?  Baby: Yes, stop poking at me!)  Nik arrived home just then, while on the phone to his Dad so they also shared in my excitement which was nice :)

Top (New Look) borrowed from Roz and Mothercare jeans

As for my nausea, I'm currently weaning myself off the Ondansetron and finding that other than some occasional mild nausea, I'm pretty much back to normal, if a bit lot hungrier and fussier than usual.  Thank goodness for that, it's made a huge difference.  I even started wearing make-up again today!  Things are by no means perfect though and this week I had to take a day off as I woke up after a terrible night's sleep with horrendous back pain, a stiff neck, very sore hips and a sore jaw on Monday.  A day leaning over patients was the last thing I needed and instead I went for a swim which seemed to help, had a nice long nap followed by a bath which definitely helped.  Although my hips have still been quite stiff and achy, I'm pretty sure most of this tension was down to the current stress of house hunting with a deadline!

The timing of our amazing and much wished for pregnancy means we are also trying to sort our move hundreds of miles away at the same time as preparing to be parents to (as well as me growing) our two teenie babies and it's all getting a bit too much right now.  We've found a couple of houses we'd love to live in but sadly missed out on the first (it sold within a week before we had a chance to get our offer in!) and the second has people who won't move out!  We've asked if they can move out in August, we'd even accept September, but they don't even seem able to commit to any date for moving, basically just whenever they find a house and they can move into it.  That could be months and with the babies well on their way and the risk of health problems and premature birth, we aren't willing to risk being stuck in a random horrible yet expensive rental somewhere waiting to move in for months on end.  I need to feel settled, Nik's job starts in August and we don't want to end up living separately for long either.  He has the option of hospital accommodation but there's only single available.  At this point, I can see me moving in with his parents in Durham (assuming they're still there as their house is currently on the market too!) once I finish work mid-August while he's down south.

We're desperately trying to find a house we like that's chain free or with vendors who'd move out for the offer they're happy with.  Unfortunately that's easier said than done in what is apparently the most expensive area in the country to own a house and yet the good ones are still selling fast!  We're extremely lucky to be in a position to buy a good sized, lovely home thanks to some savvy investing and having good jobs to enable a decent sized mortgage.  Unfortunately finding such a home is proving somewhat difficult, maybe I'm being too fussy again but when spending/borrowing such a huge sum of money, I don't want to settle for a home I don't really like.  Especially as it will be our first family home and we've been waiting so long for this to all happen.  I'm just wishing again that it will all come together and we'll find somewhere wonderful to live in time.


Lisa-Marie said...

I don't think you CAN e too fussy when it comes to mortgage amounts of spending. Particularly as you now need space for the babas as well.

I am very glad your sickness is easing, and you are looking GREAT!

Unknown said...

I hope it does all come together and I agree with LM that you are looking amazing right now x

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