Thursday, 3 July 2014

3 years

by Bex

In many ways, the 3 years since we've been married seems to have gone super fast.  I've had a husband for THREE years already, crikey!  And there were of course the slow times like the year of IVF hell where all the waiting between little successes and big failures felt like forever.  You all know there were times when I thought we'd never get to where we are now, pregnant and excited about our little blossoming family (soon to be doubled!), but I always, always knew we'd get wherever we were headed together.  I know marriage doesn't magically make that happen but it definitely gave me the feeling of added security when everything else felt like it was falling apart.  Knowing my husband was there for me, even when I was in my lowest emotional pit and he understood that when I was so far down I just needed some time, some support and of course love and I found my way back to me again, even before our big double success!  I will always be grateful for that.  It's amazing what a little faith and a few good hugs from a partner and friends can do to keep you going at times like those.

Screen grab from our wonderful wedding highlights film by Cherry Tree Films
(I can't write an anniversary post without a wedding pic can I!)

I've talked about the things I was scared to miss out on when I was worried I'd never get to experience pregnancy and now that I'm feeling better (I knew there'd be hard bits too but oh man, that nausea was tough!) I am absolutely loving being pregnant, especially now my bump is more noticeable and I feel properly pregnant!  All the things I tried not to think about before I am now so excited about and they're constantly filling my thoughts.  I am imagining messy play and crafts at the dining room table, the twins running round our garden in the sunshine, playing with water, family days out, walking in the woods exploring nature, Sunday dinners with the grandparents, newborn cuddles, first smiles and giggles, first swimming lessons and lots of splashy fun (in the pool, the bath and puddles!), dancing and singing, cosy storytimes, all of the gazillion photos I'm going to take of the babies...

Obviously I am not deluded and having seen so many friends become mothers and having read a few twin blogs since being pregnant, I am also expecting to be a feeding machine for many months (whether breast feeding is successful or not, two at once will be a handful), trying to juggle 2 potentially unhappy babies/toddlers at the same time, feeling like I never sleep anymore, mess, more mess, probably even more mess, I suspect I will not feel glam again for a long time but it will all be so worth it!  I love these little guys/gals (only 11 sleeps til we can find out!) so much already and am so excited to meet them at long last!

Happy anniversary Nik!  I'm sure the twins are going to be hard work but oh my goodness, we're all going to have SO MUCH FUN!  xxx


M-J said...

Happy anniversary! Lovely words, it's great being married isn't it?! x

Bex said...

Absolutely M-J :) Thanks for your lovely comment on previous post too, I'm loving writing more again! xx

Lynky said...

Lovely blog. Happy Anniversary (again). You are looking great, can't wait to see you in September and get a close up of that lovely bump. Love you xxxx

Laura V said...

Happy Anniversary!

Unknown said...

happy belated anniversary. So happy for you guys x

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