Sunday, 13 July 2014

Baby centric updates

by Bex

I'm so glad Roz has shared her happy news here at last (it's been killing me not to post about gorgeous little spiky haired Aaron but it wasn't my news to share!).  So you may have noticed it's all become a bit baby centric round here!  It was bound to happen really when Roz and then I became pregnant, we do write about what we're up to and what we love so obviously that has changed somewhat for us both recently!  I do have some half written new house posts, a spa review and anniversary dinner to finish writing about too so it's not ALL baby related I promise!

However, with regard to my pregnancy updates, exciting things are happening!  This week I felt the babies kicking much more obviously and at 5am one morning (during another random middle of the night awake session where I got super hungry at 4am and heated up some leftover spag bol - yum!) I felt Baby 1 kick from the outside!  Of course I immediately woke Nik and the baby stopped.  Typical.  Luckily, the next day when I was drifting off to sleep, I noticed the same baby was giving it some welly again so I called Nik and this time he felt it!  In fact, he put his lips to my bump to make funny noises at the twins and he got a big whack in the mouth, hehe!

On Thursday Nik and I both had the day off so after sorting out some boring stuff (mortgage, MOT...) we headed into town for some lunch and to look at more buggies.  We've now decided which one we want and I've started a post all about the buggies we've considered and why we ruled them out/chose them.

When we got home I was looking at cots on the Ikea website and started exploring the other kids' stuff.  I love so many of their things and they're so cheap.  Also, they seem to have lots of fab green things at the moment!  I started a wee twin shopping list on Pinterest if you're interested in what I want to buy.  It's also been added to after discovering a fab toy company which you'll be able to read all about tomorrow in my post about the nursery plans.

Yesterday I had a fab day catching up with friends who moved to Birmingham when we moved to Glasgow.  We met at the Riverside museum and I had a great time, especially meeting their gorgeous toddler Maisie.  She's super cute with little blond curls and I was even granted a couple of hugs and deemed good enough to carry her for a while, I almost melted when she reached for me from her Dad's arms!  :)  After that I popped into Ikea to get a few of the little bits we'd seen online and in the carpark I ran into the lovely receptionist from our IVF clinic.  I heard my name while I was loading the car and looked up to see her smiley face asking how I was doing.  Obviously I showed off my bump and had a quick chat before she headed inside.  It was so nice of her to come over and lovely that she'd remembered my name as they must see so many couples, although I guess we were there quite often with all our unusual issues!

I spent the rest of the day napping, eating and watching films.  Bliss.  Today is a chilling out at home day too but I promised Nik I'd get a start on sorting our filing cabinet while he's at work so I'll be sorting old paperwork and most likely doing lots of shredding in front of the telly.

Pregnancy update:

How far along: 20 weeks!!  Officially half way (although I've probably passed halfway already).

Size comparison: banana

Weight gain: - 1lb  It's been almost a month since I last weighed myself and I thought I would have put on much more than this by now.  Since I lost 8lbs at the start with all that sickness and minimal eating, I'm now almost got back to my pre-holiday weight of 185 lbs.
Although I LOVE my over bump maternity jeans, sometimes I want a bit more colour than my maternity wardrobe allows.  I've discovered that my coloured skinny jeans still fit me (the non-stretchy ones have to have the top button closed with a hair band, but still) so I've been able to wear some more colourful outfits like I used to now I care how I look again since I've been feeling back to my usual self!

Green skinny jeans (menswear at H&M)

I also found this great tunic (only £7.99 now reduced to just £3.99 in a variety of colours/patterns!) in the non-maternity section of H&M which fits over the bump with loads of room (and will still be a nice beach cover-up after pregnancy) to add a bit of colour to all the blue, black, white and stripes of the maternity fashion world!  It also looks great with the beads I bought in Oxfam last year.

Cravings: still nothing major and no weird demands from the babies as yet, unless you count spag bol at 4am when I got hungry during one of my insomniac moments, but as I frequently eat leftovers for breakfast when not pregnant it wasn't that strange for me!  I'm just a bit fussy and still off onions, fish and spicy things.

Symptoms: very sore hips especially if I walk even a short distance, belly button starting to stick out already(!), kicking babies!!  :)

I hadn't taken any bare bump photos until Thursday when my belly button was starting to pop out so I thought I'd record it.  After all, I am trying to remember everything about this pregnancy since it will most likely be my only pregnancy.  This won't be a regular occurrence but here it is...

I really love my bump!


Lee-Anne said...

Love reading your pregnancy updates. Had a wee nosy at your shopping list and wanted to say that we have the monitor you have pinned. Its not that great, we actually got it as it was advertised with two camera units but when we got it that had changed. Still kept it but to be honest the picture isnt that great unless its light in the room. We use it for our two year old as the baby is still in with us but I dont think it would be good enough to see the baby clearly. Just a wee heads up x

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love following your story! So nice to see a pic of the beautiful bump itself.

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