Friday, 18 July 2014

Baby record books - Advice please!

by Bex

One of the things I was going to be really sad to miss out on if we never got to have a baby of our own (with adoption meaning we'd most likely have an older child) was filling in a baby book.  I have my own baby book that my Mum filled in and still love looking through it!  When I was younger and the first of my friends started getting pregnant (one at around 22 and then at 27) the first things I bought as gifts were lovely baby books as I always loved the idea of them.  I am quite the sentimental hoarder, much to Nik's great distress, and to have a special book in which to keep all the things like first lock of hair (yep, mine is still there under the yellowing sellotape!) and hospital bracelet, along with all the first pictures, etc., is just perfect to me.

I think Mum had to wait a while for the hair (apparently I didn't have my first hair cut til I was 5!)

I remember Roz tweeting about having ordered one which was quite different to what she expected when it arrived and a few of you recommended your own baby books, I think I remember Gaynor seemed very impressed with hers.  I'd love it if you could please comment below to let me know details of books you rate.  I'll share a few I am considering but these have all been online finds so I haven't seen them in real life yet to be able to examine what's inside!  If you know any downsides to them, please let me know!  Also I will need two to record each baby's milestones and bits 'n' bobs.  Although I know I could probably record everything together, they might want to take their own book one day as I have so I want to have one for each child.

It even has my bravery certificate from Dr L. E. Fant from my operation when I was 5!

Basic requirements are to be easy to fill in with lots of prompts for things to remember (as I doubt I will have much time or brain power for thinking of things and being crafty in those first few months!), pouches and pockets to put things in such as those mentioned above, lots of space for photos although knowing me I will need a huge album as well (and of course the blog will likely be inundated with hundreds of twin photos!!) and space for writing in other things that happen which may not necessarily be the usual milestones.

The first is from a brand I love - The Bright Side.  I often buy their quirky cards, particularly when trying to avoid buying a pink or blue card for a new baby just to be different (this is SO difficult by the way, have you ever tried to look for a new baby card which isn't blue or pink!?), their cards always make me smile.  Their baby book is titled - Lovely little mini person.  £11.21 from Campus Gifts.

Another is this one by Ryland Peters & Small, £10.49 at John Lewis.  The reviews mention it not having sleeves to keep things in though and I have to admit, I don't love the design on the cover but at least it's gender neutral.

This one from Mothercare (£12) is pretty with the grey design and space for a photo of my own babies on the cover which I love!  The 3 star review is to do with delivery time so not very helpful of what it's like - I'm hoping they have it in store for me to have a flick through.  It doesn't say if it has pockets or anything so I need to check it out.

So basically, I'm wondering if any of you have a baby book that you love?  Have any of you seen the ones above and how would you rate them?  I'm extra excited about this baby purchase!  :)

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LottieS said...

I have a peter Rabbit one. Its great. You could always make your own?

slightly off topic, I LOVE the Holly Hobby bedsheets you had!!!!!

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