Monday, 28 July 2014

Spa Day at Turnberry Resort

by Bex

Just a few weeks ago Vikki and I splashed out on a glorious spa day before we end up living even further apart and will find it harder to meet up (especially with the twins arriving).  She was down in Glasgow for the weekend so I had a search for nearby deals and found the Relax & Restore day spa offer at the Turnberry Resort in Ayrshire which I'd heard great things about.  I have to admit, I was a bit more reluctant to book when I noticed it is now a Trump Resort (I'm not a fan of Trump) but it was a good deal and short notice so we went for it.  We got 2 x 25 minute treatments each, full use of the spa facilities and afternoon tea for £85 (+£10 weekend supplement).

I can confirm, it was well worth it.  The spa was lovely and so relaxing!  I've been to bad spas before so was relieved when this one didn't disappoint.  The best bit was probably the afternoon tea but more on that later.  we started off the day with our treatments after a quick change into our cossies, robes and slippers.  I wore my new Mothercare purple tankini (similar spotted tankini here as the purple one is sold out) bought specially for the occasion (and as a spare for aquanatal/swimming).

We had a choice of 5 or 6 treatments and I selected the mini facial and the scalp massage.  I absolutely LOVE face and scalp massages, I find them so relaxing.  This was the first time I've been shown my skin under a UV lamp before a facial, it was really interesting to see the sun damage I knew would be there (I got burnt so often as a child with my fair, freckly skin) as well as dry/oily areas.  My therapist did talk through quite a lot of skin care stuff during the start of the treatment as well as asking about the twins, chatting usually bothers me as I like to completely switch off during treatments to feel utterly indulged (and don't really care about the skin aspect of a facial, I just enjoy them) but I didn't mind as I love talking about the bump so much!  Anyway, she did quiet down before starting the most enjoyable part (after the exfoliation) so I did get to completely relax.

After our treatments we were taken through to a quiet relaxation room where we chilled out for a bit under cosy blankets, munching on delicious dried fruits (I do love banana chips!) and drinking plenty of water (wish it was chilled).

We then moved through to the pool area (no sauna or steam room for me obvs) but there was a lack of free seats/loungers so we perched in the edge of the pool instead.  Without swimming though it got a bit chilly so we made our way back to the changing rooms to get dressed for lunch.  (You can get to the dining room without going outside and they're happy for you to go in the robes but we were a bit soggy after sitting in the pool so got changed.)

Slicked back hair from the massage oil

The dining room for afternoon tea was beautiful and grand with a gorgeous view to the coast with the lighthouse, golf course and out to Arran.

 We were given a choice of many different teas from a gorgeous tea trolley.

After our brewing timers were up, we used the most awesome strainers - on a hinge over a mini pan which catches any drips when you tip it back up after pouring.  So cute and very practical!

It wasn't long before our stand of treats arrived!  After finishing the lower two plates they said they'd bring our scones and teacakes out!  SO much food and it was all delicious!  It included savoury options of smoked salmon with cream cheese & caviar, cucumber & cream cheese sandwiches, egg mayo sandwiches, ham & chutney rolls and coronation chicken on toasted baguette slices.

The sweet desserts on the top were mango panna cotta, pistachio cake, a fruit tart and a cherry & amaretto macaron with a pipette of amaretto!  My only complaint would be that we received one of each of these - plenty of food, yes but very difficult to share if you want to try everything!  It would be better if they made them smaller so we could each have one of every flavour as with the savouries.  As it happens, Vikki wasn't fussed about amaretto and I wasn't fussed about the fruit tart, we halved the cake and shared the panna cotta.  Since it was only about 1ml of Amaretto in that wee pipette, I figured it wouldn't do the babies much harm so I really enjoyed my macaron laced with the teensiest taste of alcohol.  

Once our savoury plates were empty they were taken away and our teas were refreshed with hot water while we waited for the scones.  We thought they maybe brought them out later as they were warmed but we ended up waiting quite a while for ours so either they had cooled or they were just served cold.  Either way, it was again LOADS of food with a plain and a fruit scone each plus a slice of madeira cake and Dundee cake each!  Crikey!  Not to mention the wee pot of clotted cream and delicious jam.  I tried my scones both ways (my jam made a bit of a smiley face when on top of the cream) and when we ran out of cream (as we both like full on creamy loaded scones) we asked for some more which was brought straight over :)

It took us a leisurely 2 hours to eat all that (although we both left the Dundee cake as neither of us is a fan of fruit cake and we were SO full) before we headed back through to the spa.  As I had hoped, since we'd gone to lunch early, the pool area was now completely empty (although every bed/chair still had a towel on it but we just moved them!) so we had plenty of space to chill and enjoy the sunny view over to Ailsa Craig.

We chatted so much my throat began to get sore!  Although I can't go in the jacuzzi, Vikki did and I dangled my legs in :)

As a treat (and since I still owed Vikki a birthday pressie), I had also booked us a surprise treatment in the afternoon.  We both got a special hot wax luxury foot treatment with hot stones and pedicure (£65).  This was absolute bliss although we both said afterwards that hot wax was scarily hot at first!  We were both a bit worried our feet might come out blistered but all was fine, feet are just more sensitive than hands it seems.  The hot paraffin wax solidifies on your feet and when it's cracked and taken off, they're left ultra soft and moisturised.

My special wax filled socks

Finished pedicure (I asked her to use my own new nail polish so I can do touch-ups at home)

We had such a lovely day and I would definitely recommend the spa day offer!  Is it too soon for another one Vikki??!  ;)

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Rachie @ A Chi Chi Affair said...

I am soooo due a spa day!! Great review xx

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