Friday, 1 August 2014

Anniversary dinner at Browns

by Bex

I had a lovely day on our anniversary while Nik was at work.  I did a little shopping, enjoyed a couple of bubble tea drinks from a new place in town, MooBoo (I'm going to miss having handy funky places to eat & drink when we move to the countryside!) and spent the afternoon with Roz, Aaron, Steff, Heather & Charlotte!  I didn't plan to, but ended up bombarding Steff with twin related questions (sorry Steff) and we had a nice time chilling out in the sun near Roz's flat and munching on the cream cakes Steff brought!

When I returned home, I found this GORGEOUS bouquet on our doorstep from my lovely in-laws!

It wasn't long before Nik came home and we got glammed up for our night out, the first in months as I'd been feeling so rubbish before.  It took me a while to find a dress that fitted me but I was pretty pleased with my look in the end :)

Added leggings for comfort/bump support

We headed to Browns as they have a good variety on their menu and the babies were still making me quite fussy at that point.  We were seated near the bar area and I instantly ordered some yummy green olives as we'd left it a bit late and I was pretty hungry by this point!  We ordered some fizzy water and a glass of Prosecco to share since it was a special occasion.

For our starters, I chose the crab & avocado stack which was nice but very underseasoned.  Nik had the asparagus and parma ham which he enjoyed but he was rather disappointed to just get 2 sprigs of limp, overcooked asparagus, especially with so much sauce and nothing to mop it up with (he took my toast as I don't like super crunchy toast).

Our mains were the chorizo &  burger for Nik and the lamb shoulder for me.  Nik's chips were delicious, I may have had a few!  His burger was nice but he said he wouldn't order it again.

My lamb shoulder wasn't as expected, it came served on the bone like a lamb shank but much drier, with bubble & squeak, carrots and parsnips.  Unfortunately by this time I was struggling to eat anyway as it was getting late, I was exhausted and can't manage large meals since being pregnant!  I picked at my dinner and asked if I could have the rest for a doggy bag so as not to waste it.  (It was much easier to eat once I got it home and was able to cut it all off the bone the next day with a sharp knife and without worrying about making a mess!)

I did also enjoy a 'Softail' while we were there since I can't have cocktails for the moment and was impressed with the selection available.  I selected the Diamond Fizz (apple juice, white peach, elderflower cordial, fresh lime and ginger ale) for £4.

When my doggy bag arrived with my dinner leftovers, the bag also contained a boxed Browns pint glass and a book about Browns which included some recipes!  Such a nice touch, I wonder if they noticed it was our anniversary or maybe the bump or if they just do that for everyone who takes home leftovers? Either way, it was a nice touch!  :)

All in all, it wasn't an amazing meal, we had a much better time when there for my 31st, but we had a nice evening out especially considering how fussy these babies have made me lately!

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