Thursday, 28 August 2014

Leaving Do

by Bex

Last weekend we had our leaving do.  It was so lovely to see so many of our friends before we leave Scotland.  We hosted the event at The Hope which was an excellent venue and we were very well looked after.

Obviously for our big goodbye party I needed to glam it up and add some bling so I wore my green maternity maxi dress from Seraphine paired with the diamond & emerald earrings I received from my in-laws as a wedding gift, my vintage green necklace from the John Lewis second hand jewellery department and my antique ring (my birthday present from Nik last year).

I had planned to wear my hair down but despite washing it that morning, it ended up quite greasy looking after my free facial (using up my Clarins points) with scalp massage so I just twisted sections up to create a do.

Check out the grey streaks here!

I loved my deep dark green nails - a new polish from Butter London in British Racing Green.

We'd ordered a buffet for the evening catering for 25 people as we were expecting 40-50.  (43 people had confirmed they were coming and we had about 13 maybes, spreadsheets are fab when planning parties, I'm so sad but it makes it a lot easier to keep track of numbers!)  We thought catering for 25 was a good bet for food as not everyone would necessarily eat and there are always a few inevitable cancellations on the day (we had quite a few who had to cancel due to illness or childcare issues but I was quite upset by the 10 people who just didn't show, especially the ones who it turned out had made other plans but neglected to inform me).  Anyhoo, I didn't let it bother me on the night and luckily we didn't cater for everyone as only 26 actually showed up in the end and the buffet was very generous!  There was quite a lot of food left over but we were given boxes by The Hope to bring some of the wraps home for lunch the next day (we are currently on a tight budget after all)!

This was just the start of the food!!

As you can see, we also took along the top tier of our wedding cake.  I decided to defrost this the day before as it obviously wouldn't survive the journey to Sussex frozen so we couldn't hold off any more (the original plan being to keep it for a baby naming ceremony).  We weren't sure if chocolate sponge would be OK after 3 years in the freezer but figured we'd try it!  As it happens, since we  moved it to make way for more nachos, pulled pork and teriyaki skewers, we forgot all about the cake and ended up taking it home again!  We cut it the next day and I'm happy to say it was still as delicious as on our wedding day!  Sorry we didn't get to share it with everyone in the end!!  Luckily my in-laws were staying for the weekend so we all enjoyed it and anyone else who's visited since (Roz).

The food was a hit with everyone and the nachos and chicken skewers disappeared fast.  And after seeing me with a non-alcoholic apple mojito, they proved popular too (with drivers and fellow preggos) and the bar ran out of mint!  Luckily for me they found some more in the kitchen as I was loving them!  (I remember the same thing happening at our engagement party with the Chambord as I was on the French Martinis and a few others followed suit so the bar staff ended up going out for more!!)

We had a fantastic night and loved going round chatting with all our friends who will be sorely missed when we've gone.  I was even still going strong at last orders, quite unheard of since the pregnancy!!  ;)

Thank you so much to everyone who came, including those of you who I've met through this blog!  It's been amazing living in Glasgow with so many awesome people to call our friends!!  Keep in touch!  Mwah!  xx

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Amanda M said...

That IS off of the 10 - really quite rude. But I bet you didn't miss them with all the people who were there to wish you well.


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