Friday, 29 August 2014

Master Bedroom moodboard

by Bex

Well, this is it, today's the day.  As you read this I'll be boarding my one way flight to Sussex!  Eeek!  Sadly Nik had to work today so I'll be getting the train from Gatwick to Brighton to wait for him to finish as we should get the keys at lunchtime!!  I thought today was a good day to share some of my decor ideas for the new house as I'm just SO excited to get in there and get started making it properly ours!  xx

In between home buying stress, I've been dreaming of what I can do with our new house when we're finally in.  Obviously this has included Pinterest as a stress-relieving pastime ;)  Below is a selection of images I found which inspired our master bedroom colour scheme...

Image Sources:

Since making the above moodboard I have expanded on the idea with my real life moodboard I made at Hege's Pinterest event.  (The top right corner is the master bedroom section although we're going for more gold tones than copper as it fits better with items we already have.)

Photo by Hege

We've also ordered our bed!  We were torn between 2 colours of fabric both of which would look great in the room but in the end we went for the sort of dark greige (I know, it's an annoying made up word but greige just seems to fit - it's much softer than just grey).

The upper image shows the true colours of the fabric better.  We decided the darker colour would provide a bit of contrast rather than having all pale colours in the room.  I'd like to find bed linen in the paler stone/champagne colour though.

We chose the Venice upholstered bed from a local company which makes the beds here in Glasgow and UK-wide delivery is just £55.  Here's a picture of the bed in the Robinsons showroom (in a grey wool fabric)...

The thing is, once we're in the house, there's so much we want to do (on a limited budget bearing in mind our imminent babies and new mortgage) but we haven't much time before the twins arrive in which to get everything organised.  The master bedroom and nursery are taking priority so we have a comfortable room to hide away in our new family bubble and the twins have their room ready to move into once they're old enough.  We aren't sure how much time we'll have to get stuff done once they're here, I'm assuming very little!  And that's all assuming they behave and stay inside as long as they are supposed to and without causing me to need any hospitalisation or bed rest.

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