Friday, 22 August 2014

Our baby books - Loved So Much - review

by Bex

After previously looking online for a baby book I liked and receiving some recommendations from mum friends, I also managed to get into town to see some of the ones I'd found so I could check them out properly and see the insides.  I was surprised to find a lot of them had random pictures of babies printed in them as part of the design.  I'm sorry but I want my babies' books to only have pictures of them inside not someone else's children!  I was not surprised to find that a lot of them were also in the standard 'baby colours', eg. pastels, yellow, and with the usual baby doodles like rattles, etc.  None of them jumped out at me and they were all pretty similar and a bit too cutesy for my taste.  Luckily, Steff had recommended the ones she bought for her twins and although I never actually found this one in 'real life', there were places online showing the inside and it had nice, bright, varied colours and lots of quirky pictures.  It was definitely the one I was going to get but without holding it and seeing what kind of pouches, space, etc. it had for photos and keepsakes I wasn't yet ready to buy it.

Luckily I spotted a different one in Mothercare, behind the usual soft, pastelly white baby books.  One designed specifically for their 'Loved So Much' range (I didn't realise this was a range at the time but am not particularly a fan of all the other stuff).  I do, however, LOVE the baby book!

It does have a cute teddy on it but it's a bit more my style (and I have to admit, I do quite like the teddy!) with green, brown, plum and burgundy colours, it's much less 'typical baby' than the other books I'd seen and it has plenty of space for little bits n bobs to be tucked into, including wee envelopes for a lock of hair, etc.

There's even a section for shopping!  :)

It has all the prompts I wanted to help me jot down things as well as plenty of space for photos.  It's all held together with large rings so it opens easily (unlike some tightly bound hardbacks) and even when things are stuck in and I've filled the pouches with keepsakes, it should still close properly too.  I've included lots of internal pictures below as a few people were interested in more info when I put them on instagram :)

There are plenty of spaces for decent sized pictures, even of the scan pics (a lot of the ones I looked had had tiny sections) which is great since we have so many!

And a section about the pregnancy, again with space for pictures:

It has a section for the nursery design:

Prompts to fill in current information about us and the world today:

And lots of firsts like first bath:

It goes all the way up to the second birthday and has space for any other photos you want to add:

I showed it to Nik and he was immediately convinced (I'd already shown him a few in John Lewis and he didn't like them either) but of course, being Nik wanted to search online for a bargain!  :)  The books are £14.99 in Mothercare but he managed to find them on books etc..  They're currently £8.85 each with free P&P!  So we paid just £17.70 for the two we needed!

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Lynky said...

Think you made an excellent choice, love them.

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