Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Our Glasgow Flat

by Bex

Before I show you the pictures of our move, including the flat being packed up and emptied, I thought I'd share some more of it as it was.  I've shared the kitchen and study before in great detail (as two of my favourite rooms) and often the living room all decorated for Christmas or Halloween but not much of the rest of the flat.  We really loved our Glasgow flat, it was an awesome old tenement with huge amounts of space and we got it for a great price!  It has gorgeous features such as high ceilings, ornate cornicing, ceiling roses, a fireplace (albeit not functional but it was pretty and I loved decorating it at Christmas and Halloween), a bay window and original floorboards.

As much as I will miss all those awesome features, it did have its downsides, especially as we're finally starting our family (and with two at once!).  The two flights of stairs were starting to get tricky as I got slower and slower getting up them!  The parking was starting to drive me nuts, I often didn't have problems parking outside but occasionally coming home late in the car meant parking far away - another issue made worse by sore hips and pregnancy.

The garden was shared and down 2 flights of stairs.  I would always pack a bag if I planned to go and sit out in the sun (book, snacks, drink, towel to sit/lie on, phone, sunglasses, etc...) so I wouldn't have to run up and down stairs for anything, I may as well have gone to a local park for all I carted down there with me!  Plus, it was starting to get taken over with all the fruit & veg our neighbours were planting.  Not usually a problem and they were usually very considerate and were happy to share it but I was a bit annoyed when they decided to dig up quite a large part of the lawn to plant a raised bed!  It's not that big a garden and the part they chose to dig up was where I liked to sit as it had the sun most due to various shading from trees missing the area (probably why they chose it for growing things)!  It wasn't as private as it used to be either since our neighbours decided to chop down ALL the plants, trees and bushes (including a couple which we think were technically on our side of the short fence!) one day with no warning, leaving our pretty little haven bare and exposed.  It just wasn't the same anymore.

Moving to a house with a driveway, garage and garden came at the perfect time really!  Despite the stress and extra worry when having to move so far during a twin pregnancy but I'm sure I'll moan about that in another post!  ;)

Having said all that, we will miss our flat after 6 years there including some very special times.  Here are a few photos of it we took for the sale before it all got packed up...

I have been dying to redecorate the bedroom for years now as the furniture is all a bit mismatched and not to my taste anymore as it was collected over many years from various flats.  I can't wait to be able to design a few rooms in the new house from scratch like we did with our bathroom and study in the Glasgow flat.  Watch this space for more info on our new home and lots of pictures to come of it all as I get to add my design ideas to the new place :)


Unknown said...

I loved your flat it was so lovely and spacious. I'm now getting the same about a garden would love one of my own.

Unknown said...

Aw it looks lovely. Can't wait to see pictures of the new place too :)

Amanda M said...

Beautiful flat.


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