Friday, 26 December 2014

Impromptu Boxing Day Photo Shoot

by Bex

Today we all woke up in a pretty good mood with some nice light coming through the windows so I took advantage and whipped out the big camera!

We often get sleepy smiles like this one below but in the last few days we've definitely been getting a lot more meaningful, alert smiles!  It's lovely to see them react to us now!!

There were a few cries and yawns but after some more feeds, everyone soon got used to the lens in their faces all morning!

Daddy started teaching Kalyan new tricks which confused him a bit at first but he soon started copying!

Meanwhile, Priya just finds Daddy hilarious!

I still can't believe how lucky we are!!!

Sunday, 21 December 2014

The Twins' first official photo shoot!

by Bex

So, we had our second shoot with Laura (Baby Picture This) after the babies were born following our maternity shoot a couple of weeks before the birth.  It was lovely to see Laura again and be able to introduce her to the twins.  We are so pleased with the photos she took of us excitedly awaiting their arrival and we're even more delighted with the gorgeous images she's captured of us once we doubled Team Olive Dragonfly!  Our first proper pictures as a family of four are so cherished, we love them!  It's great to have a (non-iPhone) record of our teenie babies aged just 15 days.

Here's our happy ending... and it's only the beginning!  I could not be happier right now!

I think Kalyan wishes we ironed the sheets!  ;)

Before & After!

Thank you again Laura!

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