Friday, 16 January 2015

Little updates

by Bex

I'm afraid it'll just be little house updates for a while, despite us pretty much having the house the way we want it now, I need to perfect & tidy the rooms and take some photos then put together before & after posts which take a lot more work and time.  They'll slowly get done as I can't wait to share the changes now the house reflects our style more.  The nursery is still my favourite though!!

In the meantime, here are some wee bits 'n' bobs around the house so far!

Just last week we bought ourselves this new copper kettle for the kitchen.  Our old one still worked but it was starting to look pretty rank with the plastic on the lid all broken after 8 years of use.

The new one is also from Asda, I spotted it in an advert in Look magazine and when we saw it in store, Nik really liked it too.  The copper colour goes well with the cherry cabinet doors in our new kitchen but it still has chrome details which match other items in the kitchen and tie it in with the stainless steel cooker and silver fridge freezer.  I wouldn't have thought it was from Asda, it looks so stylish.

I've already spoken about the lack of storage in our kitchen (compared to our previous kitchen in Glasgow) so my baking stuff is still in a box awaiting us getting organised enough as well as funds to add on some more cabinets to the end of the current ones.  We plan to add a small peninsula, similar to that we had in Glasgow which will house my baking stuff and allow us to organise the other cupboards a bit better with more space to spread out into.  I can totally imagine having a good area of counter space to have fun baking with the kids one day too!

Anyway, other than that we are loving the kitchen and have now found space for all of our recipe books!  This bookcase was just £17 from Ikea although it caused a lot of stress just before Christmas as we got it home to find NO fixings, the whole bag was missing and they wanted us to either go back (a 2.5 hour round trip with 2 newborns, NO THANKS, going once was an ordeal enough after waiting 45 minutes with 2 hungry babies to organise home delivery!) or they would send out fixings from Sweden in 7-10 days not including the Christmas/New Year holidays, not ideal when we had all the other bits lying around waiting to be built and a pile of books we wanted out of the way before Christmas!  They ended up sending us another one on a delivery van 2 days before Christmas to swap and it had no fixings either!!!   Anyway, it fitted the small space at the edge of the new opening to the dining room almost perfectly and once we had it built, I had fun organising the books by colour and choosing what to put on the top shelf.  Nik had his own ideas...

Priya - the prettiest ornament ever!

But we settled on this layout:

The new cabinets will be where the unpacked box currently is.

And since the copper kettle addition, I added my new copper apple trinket box from Next and re-shuffled things.

As for styling shelves, we got another bookcase in Ikea for the living room.  I had wanted a darker grey one to show off the white ornaments at their best and I love their Liatorp range but it's just too tall and too expensive (£195) so we ended up buying this pale grey Borgsjo one instead which is the perfect size and much cheaper (£55) but not as nice looking as it's very basic.  I do have plans to wallpaper the back at some stage but in the meantime, it is a nice space for some of my books and ornaments and I had fun 'styling' the shelves.  I'm still not totally happy with it and will be changing things around for a while yet I think but for now it's meant I could finish unpacking all of the last little bits in here.

So that's it for now, I'll try to share a few more details soon ;)

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Lisa-Marie said...

It's looking very much like your home now Bex. With two babies to look after, even little updates are pretty good going!!!

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