Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The twins' studio shoot by Judith Stewart Photography

by Bex

I'm sure it won't surprise you that I've had more professional photos taken of the twins.  Although I am perfectly capable with my nifty fifty lens on my DSLR, I have neither the equipment nor the knowhow to take studio photos and I have quite a few of that style on my Pinterest boards.  My lovely parents paid for us to have a studio shoot as my Christmas/Birthday present as I was worried we were running out of time to get the kind of shots I liked, it was already weeks past the ideal age for newborn photos (the first 2 weeks) and I had already more than used up all of my photo shoot credit with Nik after all the maternity photos we got!

So, on my birthday (the twins' 7 week birthday) we went along to Judith's studio as she happened to be available that day and we had a great time!  I'm happy to say that Judith and I are now friends and she's already trying to get me to join the local camera club (which I plan to as soon as the twins are no longer breast feeding) and roping me in to photography trips!  :)

Anyway, despite the twins being a bit too alert these days to curl up into cute little balls for very long, Judith was very patient and expertly handled them to enable us to get the following photos.  We often had to resort to singleton photos as twins being twins, like to co-operate at differing times!  ;)  Luckily we did manage a few shots together but I'd definitely recommend trying to go with much younger babies if you plan a shoot like this, it just wasn't possible for us what with my slightly traumatic week in hospital following the birth (I have started writing that story but the twins obviously take up pretty much ALL of my time at the moment!) and then my awful rash meaning little sleep even when the twins slept and, well, just getting to grips with two babies meant fun thoughts of photo shoots weren't even on my mind - that should tell you how busy life is now given my obsession with photos!!!

These photos are obviously quite different to the previous ones we had taken which were more natural shots of us at home.  I'm really glad we got these done though as despite being obviously set up, I just love the cute factor and it's yet another great set of photos of me to remember this amazing time during their first few weeks.

So, without any further babbling from me as I have to get to bed now the twins are asleep, here are some of my favourites:


Kalyan wearing his hat from Linsey

Kal cuddling his dragonfly from Bex

Priya looking pretty in pink
(I'm not usually a fan of pink but she does suit this dusky pink colour, I have to admit!)

Me and my little ladybird

Wearing their birthstone (my gift from Nik & the twins).

Priya's tootsies!

With their teddy bears from Granny

Thumbs up from Kalyan!
"It's OK, I'm looking after my wee sister Mum."

A wee kiss on the forehead :) 

As you can see, despite the twins' various states of sleepiness, we got a good variety of shots and some really cute results!  Which is your favourite?  I can't choose!

Although she has only just launched her website, Judith has been taking newborn and family portraits for a while now but is just getting her business off the ground.  I'd definitely recommend her if you're looking for something like this as she's utterly lovely, totally professional and very passionate about what she does.  Her child-minding skills come in handy with settling the babies too and her prices are much more affordable than any of the other local photographers I found.

A newborn studio shoot with Judith Stewart Photography costs £80 and she offers various print packages for very reasonable prices.  I opted for the digital package for £150 and we received a discount in exchange for this blog post.


Tuff said...

I was going to say it's obvious:
Kalyan giving thumbs up and looking so cheeky next to his beautiful sister.

But then I had another look:
Priya in pink (those eyelashes slay me! :)
and her being a ladybird
and of course all the lovely ones of the two of them snuggling.

End result: I am with you, it's totally impossible to decide :)

Lynky said...

Why choose? they are ALL my favourites.

ananyah said...

how precious are the twins! gorgeous :D

I love these photographs, hard to choose the best one because they are so cute in each shot!

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