Saturday, 14 February 2015

Earth Conscious reusable breast pads review

by Bex

I was recently sent a pair of washable bamboo breast feeding pads from Earth Conscious.  I've mostly been using Lansinoh disposable pads despite buying a set of reusable ones so I was keen to try another brand.  The ones I had previously were fairly stiff and quite uncomfortable but I found the Lansinoh ones much nicer to wear and had good results from them.  I haven't had much of an issue with milk leakage, most likely due to the fact I feed the twins on each side at the same time and they like to eat often, therefore my boobs manage to keep up but rarely have enough excess to leak!  I do find breast pads handy for a quick mop up after feeding and to prevent any nipple sticking to bra incidents though.  Ouch!

These new breast pads from Earth Conscious are made from lovely soft bamboo fabric which makes them very comfortable to wear.  They're much more pliable than the thick stiff fabric ones I bought and although they have a towelling side, I haven't had any problems with sticking.  The reverse side is a nice soft velvety fabric which helps hold them in the right place.

I was offered black or cream and since my other ones are white and sometimes poke out the top of my bra/top after a hasty re-covering when feeding in public, I went for black so they'd be less obvious when wearing dark tops.  Unfortunately they come with a wide band of white stitching over the edge so they are still obvious if showing.  It kind of defeats the purpose of having two colour options in my opinion, they'd be better if finished with black thread.

During the twins' illness recently I had much more of a problem with leakage as they were having trouble feeding while all bunged up so they often had to stop during a feed (frequently getting sprayed in the face as a result, who knew boobs could spray?!) and they had less of an appetite so I was constantly full of milk!  These pads had no problems preventing me getting soaked through during/between feeds.  They also wash well and survived the tumble drier!

They're currently in the sale at just £4.99 for 3 pairs.

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