Friday, 6 March 2015

Durham & Donny

by Bex

(I did briefly publish this the other day but due to a scheduling error, took it down again.  I've managed to find a bit more time to write a little more now too.)

I was hoping to write a blog post but I don't think that will be happening any time soon as we have lots going on and a naming ceremony to organise - exciting but tiring stuff, especially since the twins refuse to nap at the same time these days!

Anyway, here are the pictures I downloaded a couple of weeks ago - suffice it to say, we bought a roof box, drove to Durham, went to a family party where the twins met lots of Nik's family & parent's friends, drove back home via Doncaster where they met my Grandmother, Aunt & Uncle and we all went for a walk in the park I used to go to with my father near Grandma's house.

I love all of these pictures, especially the lovely breastfeeding ones Nik took of me and Kal.  We had a great time and the trip there and back was easier than we expected despite an emergency feeding stop at Gatwick (almost home!) for Priya!

Priya meeting Chachiji at Nik's parents' leaving party.  They've now left Durham behind to move south to be closer to us as well as Nik's brother and his wife in London.  It'll be so nice having family close by, especially while the twins are growing up.

On our way back, having realised how close to our route Donny was, we had arranged to stop at my Grandma's to introduce and feed the babies.  We ended up extending our stop as it was such a lovely day.  I was so glad to be able to take Nik and the twins to the park I remember so fondly from my own childhood visits here.

It was a lovely way to break up the journey.  Hopefully the twins will be able to meet a few more family members at their naming ceremony in May.  :)

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