Friday, 3 April 2015

The twins - 20 weeks

by Bex

I got the Nikon out again...

My drooly girl

There are a lot more pictures of Kalyan than Priya as she's much less interested in the camera whereas he loves it - my little poser!


Poor Kalyan got all upset during happy kicking time post-bath because his sister wasn't very happy while being dressed by Daddy.  She was crying and his smiles quickly turned to this big petted lip and I had to put the camera down and pick him up as he looked over all concerned at Priya and started crying too.  He kept looking back at her with a worried look on his face - bless him.

I LOVE his little raised eyebrow

And how easy it is to get a smile :)

I hope you all have a happy Easter!  We're having a fab time here with Daddy being off all week :D

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