Sunday, 18 October 2015

37 + 2

by Bex

I obviously meant to post this back when the babies hit the milestone of having been on the outside as long as they were inside me.  I asked Dad to take some photos of us in a lovely corner of diffused light I found in their house (as we were still in Saudi at the time).

I also put on my new T-shirt which had the perfect quote for such an occasion ;) and here are the iPhone snaps of me with the twins at 37+2 inside and 37+2 outside:

"Completely and perfectly and incandescently happy"

I loved the light so much, I then sat Priya on the stairs to take a few more photos and when she was starting to get fed up, swapped for Kalyan.  She started off a bit unsure of sitting on a step but soon got all excited and loved kicking her legs - and just look how brown they are!

Kalyan was similarly unsure at first but was clapping his hands and grinning away once he got used to sitting on the step :)

I then even managed to get a couple of quick shots of both of them before K had had enough.


M-J said...

You look fabulous and SO happy x

Rihan said...

So cute baby. Great love for you!

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