Monday, 9 November 2015

Arran Aromatics festive candles - review by Bex

I absolutely love candles in autumn and winter, especially at Christmas.  They always feature in my Halloween and Christmas decor.  Scented candles in particular can make a room so homely but I really don't like overpowering scents and Nik can't stand them as he suffers from allergies which can be triggered by strong scents.  Luckily I have found a few which he likes and can tolerate so our home can smell lovely with nice soft candlelight.

I was recently sent a luxury festive candle by Arran Aromatics and it definitely fits the bill.  It is the Mandarin & Petitgrain candle from their new limited edition range.  It's a scented candle in green frosted glass with a beautiful etched design around the rim.

I had to google Petitgrain as I had never heard of it, turns out it's an essential oil made from the leaves and twigs of bitter orange trees.  As you'd imagine, this combined with the mandarin makes for a fresh citrus scent without being too sweet.  I am not a fan of overly sweet fragrances, I can't stand vanilla candles, so I'm thrilled that this one is a fresh fruity fragrance.  I was also pleasantly surprised to find it not too heavy like festive fragrances can often be.  It does have a subtle spiced smell but isn't full on which is ideal for us.  I have to admit, I wasn't sure about the smell when I first sniffed the box as it seemed a little soapy but when I actually lit the candle I instantly loved it.

The picture's not blurry - it's just the way the design is printed inside the glass that makes the wording appear fuzzy ;)

I think the best test for a scented candle is to leave the room and come back in!  You get so used to the smell once you light it, you don't get the full effect until you walk into a room which is already filled with the scent.  I can honestly say I love the smell of this one.  And of course, it's green!

I also love that Arran Aromatics is a family run company in Scotland with great ethics and a love of nature.  Having been to Arran, I can understand where their inspiration comes from.  As much as I love our new life in Sussex, I miss Glasgow so having a candle made in Scotland and inspired by the land is a lovely way to remind me of our old home.

I would prefer the design of the candle if it had the filigree pattern all the way down the glass for a prettier, more 'vintage' look.  I think with the stripes it looks a little old fashioned but, due to the frosted glass, it's not obvious anyway.  The packaging is similar and with the gold and green does look luxurious but again I'm not keen on the stripes with the more intricate designs.

You can see the design is much more obvious when the candle is lit as it glows from inside.  I do love the pattern at the top and as I said, the scent is wonderful!  It would make a lovely gift and I will definitely be enjoying the fragrance over the Christmas period.

Disclaimer: Bex received a Mandarin & Petitgrain candle to review and, as always, everything we write here is our honest opinion.

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