Sunday, 13 December 2015

Twinkly Twins - Pin it Do it by Bex

I wanted to do this last year but they were only 4 weeks old so obviously not sitting up and it was tricky enough getting them lying on the blanket with lights underneath so wrapping them in lights was sure to be a disaster!  I love these fairy light images from Pinterest showing babies staring at glowing Christmas lights and tried to recreate something similar in the kitchen (to get a bit of reflection on the floor tiles).

We did it after dinner on Wednesday evening, stripped them out of their messy clothes and made sure the underfloor heating was on.  (I did consider putting them in jeans but wanted their chubby legs to be out, I just wish the nappies were plain.  It's not like the babies care if they have animals on and I certainly don't!)

Anyway, again I practised the camera settings and lighting with my much more willing models before trying with the real McCoys!

I preferred it with a bit more ambient light, provided by the hall, dining room and utility lights.

Initially, as you can see, Priya was not keen on the idea at all!

So Nik took her away and I took a few of Kbops as he seemed quite happy.  He does love lights.

Sadly, he didn't like being left alone with them for long so we had to rescue him as well.

With Daddy's help, they soon both got used to the lights and started to enjoy playing with them, trying to eat them and generally having fun.

I even tried to get some shots of them wearing a santa hat - very ambitious, especially given Priya's new found aversion to all headgear which she was more than happy to demonstrate again!

She didn't want to wear the lights either.  (I feel I should point out that these are LED lights which do not get hot in the slightest!)

Kalyan was slightly more co-operative with the hat and light wearing.

And there was a little sabotage by Priya:

There were a few escape attempts too of course...

But overall, they seemed to enjoy it and I am delighted with the photos!

And there were quite a few as usual!  Since I'm not that good a photographer, I just take as many as possible to increase the odds of getting good ones ;)  The problem is, when I manage to capture all of their cute/funny expressions, I just can't choose favourites!


M-J said...

We tried this last week with baby James but he's just 5 months so not quite sitting up himself so there was a lot of slumping and shoving lights in his mouth! Hopefully next year it might work providing he doesn't spend all his time toddling off! Lovely photos, they came out really well x

Lynky said...

Fantastic pics, love them all especially the outtakes!

Lynky said...

Fantastic pics, love them all especially the outtakes!

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