Friday, 22 January 2016

First year photobooks - A photobox review by Bex

I tend to find Photobox a bit hit & miss for prints, although they are good at re-printing any which I find issues with but I'd rather they were just more consistent.  I was therefore nervous to order a whole book but when I got an email with an 80% off deal I thought I may as well go for it.  The offer was a 160 page A4 book for £32.50 (reduced from £162.65 which I would never pay) and came with a month to make and order it.  I decided to pay for upgrades to A3 size, a smooth matt cover and removal of the Photobox logo so my final total was £45.47 per book (reduced from £244.65!) and I ordered 3.  One for each set of grandparents and one for us.

Luckily I had started work on the twins' slideshow so already had most of the photos from their first year organised into favourites and I could have made life easy by letting Photobox add them all in automatically but I wanted to ensure I had layouts how they looked and flowed best with double page spreads being relevant to each other and the best photos as full page prints.  I spent a good couple of weeks editing layouts and selecting the final photos to include but it was well worth it.

When the books arrived I was nervous to open them but I am absolutely delighted with the quality!  The pages are thick and glossy and the printing is spot on.  I was so excited to give them to the grandparents and immediately arranged for someone to take one out to Saudi to surprise my parents at Christmas.  The other was wrapped and placed under the tree and the final one hidden in case the in-laws spotted it!  It was only when looking through our own one properly that I noticed a couple of flaws.  Nothing major but when you've spent that long making something perfect, a red ink splodge and a few dust marks on babies faces kinda ruin the whole thing.

Photobox were excellent though and after sending them photos on the live chat, they immediately spotted the issues even before I mentioned what they were and said they would re-do the printing.  They even upgraded delivery to ensure the new books arrived in time for Christmas!

The new books are perfect and everyone was delighted with them.  I for one love flicking through it.  It makes all the difference to have a physical book to hold and cherish rather than everything being on the computer.  We never did get an album of our wedding photos so these books of the twins are even more wonderful to have.

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