Saturday, 30 January 2016

Vintage Christmas at Middle Farm - day out in Sussex, by Bex

So way back in November we had a day out at Middle Farm for their Vintage Christmas event.  It was so well marketed on facebook that thousands of people turned up and when we arrived, the police had closed the entrance and were turning people away.  Lots of cars had parked up along the side of the road and we were lucky to find a space after packing and wrapping everyone and everything up for our day out so we walked along and made it in, thankfully!

I think all of the people who had been allowed in to park ended up having to be towed out of the parking field anyway as the weather was horrendous and the whole area was so muddy.  By all accounts we were very lucky as their Facebook page showed a lot of angry people had travelled further than us and waited hours in back up traffic only to have to go elsewhere in the end.

Anyway, we had a lovely day out with Grampy (who was here for a flying weekend visit) despite the rain and mud.  By the time we'd made it in we were all pretty hungry so we headed for the food stalls and settled in the cake tent (as the BBQ had sold out when we arrived at 2pm!) to feed the twins on their packed lunch and we indulged in some huge slabs of cake and tea.

After the rain cleared a bit, we had a wonder around the vintage stalls and Priya had some fun riding on a beautiful vintage rocking horse Dad found (and insisted on buying the twins for Christmas).

I think the most fun we had though was in the animal barn.  The twins loved being able to see and touch all of the farm animals and I loved taking pictures of it!  Kalyan loved chasing the chickens along the bails of straw and came close to touching one and was surprised when it zapped out of there at speed when he touched its tail!

Look Daddy, I'm touching the sheep!

Although we did have a sudden need for milk apparently!  I've even breastfed them in a barn while sat on bales of straw now!

There was also a sleigh next to the brass band who played Christmas carols and I got some great videos of the twins sitting in it dancing and clapping along.

No chickens were harmed!

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