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The best bits (part 4) - Twin Update by Bex

It's about time I wrote down my latest favourite twin moments.  I worry I'll forget these little details which is one reason why I take SO many photos.  I've been woefully bad at sharing them lately though and have lots that I love but have yet to do anything with.  I really wish I was better at keeping up the blogging particularly with proper twin updates so I (and they) can look back on them as they grow.  My irregular lists will have to do.

We're definitely past the baby stage now with both twins marching about all over the place and showing more personality than ever.  They are both very different but both so much fun.  I can honestly say that this is my favourite time so far.  From about 10 months onwards I've been finding it easier and easier.  Caring for two babies alone is tough and I was concerned it might get harder as they were on the move and getting more adventurous but luckily it's gone the other way and we're all having more fun.

Priya sharing and giving things to Kalyan.  She's finally moved on from taking everything he has (although she does still do this often too) and is now showing him a lot of love and will very happily give him his cup of milk before bed when I hand her both beakers.  Today she even gave him a couple of raisins (raisins are pretty special round here!) when in a rare moment, he'd finished his before her.

Kalyan's walking at the moment, he's gaining confidence and much more steady.  He take lots of little steps if he loses his balance and looks like he's doing a wee dance.  He is pretty good at staying on his feet now and always looks so proud wandering around the house.

When Kalyan gets excited walking around and puts his arms up and lets out little yelps and squeals of delight.

Priya is getting so fast on her feet, she moved on from her 'zombie style' walking (arms straight out in front, ready to grab onto something or someone) a while ago but still stumbles occasionally when she tries to go too fast!  She's a tough cookie though and despite regular falls and bumps, she just gets up and carries on.  (Kalyan is much a more fragile soul and gets quite upset when he has a wee bump.)

These were taken back during the first couple of weeks of her first proper steps.

The way Kalyan looks at me.

The way Priya cuddles into me.  She's been extra cuddly lately and often buries her head into my chest with her arms around me.  Heart melting.

The little curls at the back of Kalyan's head.

The way they come out to greet me when I get home from work.  I love it!  After a busy day, I'm greeted with big smiles and have to kneel down immediately to receive cuddles or they get upset (particularly if I pick up one, the other is NOT happy!).

Their obsession with shoes.  Since we bought the twins their first proper shoes from Clarks, they are constantly bringing them to me and asking for them to be put on.  They love stomping around in them and are so happy wearing them.  Kalyan's even stopped curling up his feet when we put shoes on him which makes life SO much easier!  They're even more obsessed with wellies!

I gave Kalyan a toilet roll tube to play with the other day and he starting picking imaginary things out of the tube and placing them in my hand.  He did the same thing with Daddy on the weekend too.

Priya emptying the dishwasher.  She loves to do this and is sometimes too quick for me!  I always take all of the sharp knives out first of course but she loves to hand me the cutlery one by one as I put them in the drawer.  Today when she was finished, she bent down to lift up the door and pushed it all the way closed (with help) and then gave the door a big slap and a yell before wandering off all proud.  It reminded me of a trucker slapping the back of his truck after loading, Job Done.  So funny.

Playing footsie with Kalyan at breakfast time.

Watching them sleep with all their funny positions, various bed-hair styles and sweet murmurings.

Twin cuddles in the morning.  I'm still breast feeding, just once a day now, in the morning when they first wake up.  It's a wonderful time of day (providing it's not insanely early!) when we all snuggle together on the daybed in the nursery.  I always fetch Priya from her cot first as she's the most patient and will sit happily (sometimes excitedly flapping her arms about) on the bed while I get Kalyan.  We then all snuggle together while they have a boob each for their morning milk.  Priya usually finishes first and will often cuddle into me and/or Kalyan.  Lately she's started blowing raspberries on my chest which is just hilarious and makes us all giggle.

Post-feeding.  I'm really not sure what was upsetting him this day!

After morning milk (or sometimes during), Kalyan often becomes distressed and tugs at his sleeping bag until I remove it.  Recently, he's then done the same thing with Priya's, as if she's also imprisoned and he wants me to free her too!  I wonder if he thinks of it as bedtime being officially over and isn't happy until they're both unwrapped and free to walk around although he usually just goes straight back to drinking.

Putting their sleeping bags on - they've now taken to automatically coming over and lying down on their sleeping bags when we lay them out on the floor in the evening at bedtime.  They'll even cuddle down into them with their faces.

Priya being chased.  Priya has loved this ever since she could crawl but now that she's walking, she really takes delight in running away from Daddy when it's time for PJs!  She'll take off round the landing while he crawls after her growling and she giggles the whole time.

Kalyan has started to join in with the chasing but doesn't go far before he lets Daddy catch him.  He shrieks and waves his arms as he shoots off but soon turns round and stops for the boisterous cuddles before PJs.

Priya waving.  She has the cutest little wave which is always accompanied by a big grin.

Kalyan's enduring love of balloons.

Priya doing animals, her impressions are all very wrong but so cute and always done with such feeling.  The lion says Daaaaaaaaaaa and the bird says blah blah blah.  (Her versions of Rooooaaaarrrrr and tweet tweet tweet.)

Priya's photobomb:

Her kisses, still wide open and some even with a run-up:  (poor Megan!)

Kalyan having water poured over him in the bath.  He ALWAYS hands the cups or whale sieves to us when in the bath and gets seriously excited, shrieking and bouncing around with huge grins and giggles if we throw big splashes of water on him.  If we hold it up to slowly trickle through the holes, he loves to either "catch it" with his hands or get under it and catch it in his mouth or let it sprinkle all over his head.  He really really loves water.  We never fill the bath before they're in it now, he likes to play with the water from the tap so we always let him get in first.

He's also a big fan of the sink!

Their first experience of snow.

Priya's adventurous spirit (and love of climbing).

She climbed on to this stool 3 times.  Got stuck 3 times.  Cried for help 3 times.  I rescued her twice.  Then I took a photo, rescued her again and put it away.



Dungarees WITH tutus!

Kalyan's cheesy grins, they still slay me.

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