Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Gorgeousness doubled - twin update by Bex

Despite still having a good few photos from the last few months to sort through, sometimes a batch just has to skip to the front of the queue and be edited immediately and tonight was no exception.  I love these images of, yet another, fun bath time.

He runs everywhere these days, despite the fact his feet often can't keep up!

Those little curls! 

Then we had some naked running around time...

 You know, I think he might be a dancer!

Oh and then there was tickling time!

They're 18 months today.  How did this happen?!  Proper toddlers now.

Kalyan's words are very clear now, he often says Mummy and Daddy (and Baby when pointing at pictures of himself and Priya).  

Priya still doesn't have many words but her general noises are getting more varied and she's still making herself very clear with pointing!

They're both sleeping quite a lot at the moment (which is great since I'm getting up at 6am to do my HIIT sessions, I need my nap time rests!) and I'm pretty sure they're having a bit of a growth spurt.

They're both still hilarious and frustrating and lots of fun.  

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