Thursday, 12 May 2016

Homemade Mummy's Meals - a review by Bex

One of my friend's from my post-natal class, Hannah, has set up her own business selling home-made toddler meals.  I recently bought a couple of her taster boxes and the twins loved them!  I offered to take a few pictures and write a review as I was so impressed.  Also, she's lovely!

Hannah's meals are an absolute bargain (see full price list below) and home made locally with local ingredients and no added salt or sugar.  Hannah uses eggs from Five Chimney's Farm, meat from Bird in Eye Farm Shop and organic milk and cheeses.   A taster box is just £5 and contains 2 savoury muffins, 1 chicken curry, 1 chilli con carne, 1 sausage and lentil stew, 1 haddock and sweetcorn risotto, 1 bolognese and 2 chicken nuggets!  All you need to do is add pasta, rice or, a handy tip from Hannah - couscous which is much quicker!

Considering the cost of good ingredients and the time taken to cook meals, I think they're a pretty amazing deal!  

The speedy super veggie muffins are perfect for lunchtime.  Just microwave from frozen for 1 minute.  They're jam packed with goodness, they contain peas, carrots, butternut squash, parsnip, sweetcorn and sweet potato.

As for the other meals, they all smell delicious, I had to taste a few and can confirm they are yummy!  I bought the kids an Ella's pouch once and they wouldn't eat it.  I tasted it and it was so bland.  Hannah's meals are full of flavour but still without any nasty additives.

Also, how cute is her daughter, Isla!?  Such gorgeous blue eyes...

The twins obviously thought so too as there was a bit of a snogging sesh before we left ;)

You can check out Hannah's Homemade Mummy's Meals page on Facebook.

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