Friday, 24 June 2016

Cycle 2 results - 90 day SSS by Bex

So, Cycle 2 - I've actually really enjoyed this cycle, even more than Cycle 1.  I found the food so much easier and hardly prepped at all in advance.  I started to remember the quantities of which foods I could have since I mostly stuck to the same ones as I had a few recipes I particularly enjoyed with a bit of variety.  I have started writing a post on my recipes for anyone who's looking for ideas!

I was so worried about the longer workouts (more than double the time in Cycle 1) but have loved catching up with my Netflix series while doing my weights.  It hasn't been easy by any means though.  I have definitely felt more tired on this cycle, maybe as I have to get up even earlier, maybe as I'm having more carbs and feeling sluggish as a result but I haven't had as much energy generally.  Nik has taken up more slack at weekends, feeding the twins and getting them sorted in the morning when I couldn't bare getting up at 5:50am on Saturdays so ended up working out while everyone else was getting up.  (Thanks hubs!)

I haven't missed a single workout though and have again been pretty good at sticking to the food on plan.  I have to admit though I have had more cheats this time, not least because we had a Baking Club meeting which I wasn't going to miss out on, although I was much more restrained than usual and just had baked turkey with my broccoli for dinner that night I saved my carbs for the cake!  (They were SUCH good cakes too!)  I've also felt the need for more treats and had a square of 85% chocolate on a few days, as well as a cheeky extra shot of honey or passionfruit curd in my yoghurt occasionally.

However, I have still managed to get great results and am delighted with my overall weight loss now of 1 stone (6 kgs) in 8 weeks!  Again, the photos show the big difference since the start.  I didn't want to share my side profile before as it was SO bad, but now that there is a much bigger difference (there was a noticeable change before but not to this extent), here it is... Eeep, scary biscuits sharing this!

Start of C1 - End of C2
(8 weeks)

Start of C1 - End of Cycle 2
8 Weeks

Although my inch loss doesn't really show much change, just 2.5 inches overall this time, I've lost 2.5" from my waist and you can see my stomach has now shrunk massively, I'm finally back in my old clothes!  I can't tell you how excited I am to be back!  It's like having a whole new wardrobe as I haven't worn these things for about 2 years!!  I'm enjoying my fun, colourful clothes again and enjoying getting dressed in the morning.

Fingers crossed for more improvement in C3!

If you're interested, you can read more about my whole weight loss (and gains) journey, where I shared lots of pics.

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M-J said...

Wow! What a difference in just 8 weeks! You look incredible, and your colourful outfits are fab. Keep up the good work. It must be so motivating to see results like that. Well done x

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