Monday, 20 June 2016

Polaroid Display Ideas - DIY craft by Bex

There are so many different ways to display polaroid style prints, if you have a search on Pinterest you will find lots of inspiration.  I found a few images of frames with polaroids hanging from strings across them, and decided to made my own version using photos of my twins and bright ribbons in rainbow colours to hang at their first birthday party.

It's so simple to do, I just used an Ikea frame we already had, took out the glass and backing and stuck the ribbons to each side with hot glue.

Then just choose your prints and peg them on with mini pegs.  I bought mine in a local haberdashery.  

I played around with the prints using a mixture of black & white and colour before settling on my final layout with just colour photographs.

Alternatively, for something really simple, just framing four of them looks really effective too.  I placed four black & white polaroids in a plain white frame.  I also quite like them sandwiched between two panes of glass to show the wall colour through as a different look to the usual white background.

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