Sunday, 24 July 2016

90 Day SSS Plan - Cycle 3

I should have been finished cycle 3 on Saturday but I have chosen to extend it for 10 days (making it a 100 day plan rather than 90) to make up for the very naughty few days I had in Scotland - food, food, wine, food and NO workouts!  I did pack my weights but they never made it out of the roof box!

Cycle 3 has been HARD.  Not least because of our little holiday up north but also many other reasons.  Kalyan has been rather difficult these last few weeks, MAJOR tantrums (I suspect and hope it's teething related) meaning little rest, interrupted sleep, interrupted workouts and little to no food prep getting done.  I was FED UP!  I actually had a couple of meltdowns myself, one morning we were out wandering the village before 8am, none of us had eaten (they refused) and I was in floods of tears.  I just had to bundle them, semi-dressed, into the buggy and get out.  My amazing friend Holly, came to my rescue when I rang her for a chat, bless her - she bundled her 3 kids into her car and drove from the next village to find me and give me hug!  Just what I needed and then we made plans for later on after she got her twins to pre-school.  Another morning left me feeling useless and utterly exhausted by 9am so I managed to get us all (twins still in bibs and no socks on) out of the house again to pop-in where I pushed them into the hall, sat down and left them crying in the buggy while the lovely Lynda and Jane tried to comfort me (which set me off into floods again) and reassure me that they'd all been through the same thing.  Rose and her son took over trying to calm the twins while I had a mini breather before K eventually calmed down and P followed suit.  It's times like these I'm glad I have some amazing people nearby to go to since I have no family near.

I'll admit, until now I've loved the plan, I've been lucky that until recently, the twins had been sleeping really well and been mostly good-tempered and I always managed my workouts before they woke.  But a few days into cycle 3 I had had enough.  All of the weighing of every little thing was getting to me.  Tomato puree should be squeezed randomly into a bolognaise not carefully measured to the gram and don't get me started on the eggs!  I've had way fewer eggs this cycle as I just couldn't be bothered weighing out whole eggs and then my egg white portion just to make some scrambled eggs.  It was all just too much and I was getting irritable with it all.  The workouts are super hard with 150+ reps of 2 different exercises interspersed with HIITs.  I stuck at it though and mainly stuck to the food (until Glasgow) but had to abandon two workouts mid-way through due to K waking early and I missed a couple entirely due to a horrible virus.

I tried to catch up in the hotel gym when I had to go to Bristol for work but then we left for Scotland, an amazing wedding and a few days in my favourite old city with many favourite eateries to enjoy.  I wasn't going to miss out on such a rarity as getting to indulge in steak, Bread Meats Bread's awesome burgers (and a milkshake and poutine!) or some proper, fresh sushi or delicious fusion tapas.  Living down here in the country means our eating out is rather limited to (albeit lovely) pubs or Italian restaurants - there's just no variety like in Glasgow.  I also treated myself to a Krispy Kreme (Biscoff flavour, yum!), pate, moule frites, an ice cream...  I enjoyed my plan break shall we say!

Priya eating her chicken teriyaki in an altogether MUCH neater way than her brother!
(See below!)

Face out of focus but too good an expression with his first burger not to share!

Drinking the last of his ice-cream after tapas.  A trick his Granny taught him!!! 

Glasgow was a much needed change and a rest from the plan.  Sadly it coincided with my final week on plan so when I would have normally been giving a final push of effort to get a great final result, I was dong the opposite.  However, it has left me feeling motivated again (especially after an unsurprising 5lb gain in a week!) and back on the plan properly for a few more days.  I had managed to lose a total of 20 lbs (9kg) on the plan (I measured just before we left) and a fantastic 16.5" so hopefully I can continue and meet my goal of losing 2 stone in the next couple of months.  As it is, I've already lost 2 stone since July last year so I'm pretty thrilled with that!

After I've finished the plan, I hope to stick to the main principles but relaxing on the measuring.  I will be sensible, have many new recipes to draw on and will stick to the portions of exercise I enjoyed (cycle 2 was great for me with the weights but when life gets tough, I'll just get in my HIIT sessions which are so much shorter!)

Having had over a week without working out it's been tough to get back into it.  I finally forced myself today after a rest day back on plan food yesterday and I'm glad it's done.  I'll hopefully get back into my usual routine again now.  

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