Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Cycle 3 results!

Well, I did it!  I finally submitted my end results after the 90 day SSS plan.

I never really felt like I had an "end" to the plan as I had a week away in my final week (a month ago now) where I knew I would be eating what I wanted as I don't often get to enjoy my favourite restaurants back in Glasgow!  I therefore took my measurements, final photos and weight the Tuesday before we left for the wedding.  When we got back from Glasgow, I had put on 5 lbs (although I think this was possibly also water weight or something as it dropped by 2 lbs the next day!).

I thought I'd carry on to do 100 days on the plan, adding 10 more days when we got back to make up for it and get a great final result.  (I'd lost 20 lbs in 80 days but 21 lbs would be 1.5 stone exactly!)  Losing that last pound (or possibly more) would have been easy if we'd been at home and I'd given that final week my all in the last push but when we got back, I didn't quite have my heart fully in it any more.  With my parents visiting from abroad, trips out and also feeling rubbish for a week, I skipped workouts and followed the food approx 75% of the time.  I slowly lost the lbs again but after the 10 days I was a bit bloated and didn't feel like I'd done that "final push" to get my best result so I carried on as I was for a bit longer and until my bloating went down but I haven't worked out properly for a couple of weeks now!  (Which may explain my tiredness returning but I have been extremely busy organising my and Nik's parents' Ruby Wedding party!)

Anyway, last weekend, I felt good again so I re-did my measurements and photos.  My measurements were about the same but I still think the photos from before I went to Glasgow show a better result though so I'm sharing the best ones below!  In the front and side view, these were my 80 day results.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with my results!  It took a LOT of effort but it was so worth it!  Not only that but I've just been contacted by the transformations team again, for the third time!  :)  I was featured on Joe's social media after cycle 2 so we'll see if I get featured again this time :D

So you can see that I lost 9kg (20 lbs) and 19.5" overall.  4.5" off both my waist and hips!

And as for the before & after photos:

I am delighted!  Such a difference in 3 months, so worth all the hard work and I feel great!

Looking at them now, even my posture is better - my shoulders are less rounded and I'm standing up straighter.  I have much less back pain now too, something I suffered badly with in the latter stages of twin pregnancy and for many months after the birth.

You can see I've still got a little hang over on my belly but to be honest, I never even thought it would shrink as much as this ever again!  You can now see my bikini bottoms again without my belly hanging down over the top!  It's obviously never going to be as it was before two babies made it home together and has a new wobbly quality.  Even more so since it shrank and got more wrinkly and squishy with the stretch marks but Priya loves to play with my belly, sticking her finger in my belly button and laughing when I squeal so I really don't care too much now that I'm healthier and fitter and my clothes fit again.

So, now I'm on my own.  I've received my "graduation report" from Joe's team and it outlines the proportions and weights of each food group I should be eating (if I want to continue losing body fat, which I chose as opposed to advice for bulking up or sustaining when you finish) with a reminder to not become obsessed and still enjoy food as well as advice on working out.  I am SO glad I signed up to this plan!

I plan to keep up both the weights and HIIT (since having a break I've noticed a difference in my energy already although I have been extremely busy!) but I'm thinking I'll do 4 HIITs per week and do the weight training over 2 weeks so 2 weight training days per week which will incorporate the HIIT so I have 3 rest days each week as I have been doing.  I think I'll keep doing monthly updates on my fitness to keep me accountable and motivated.  I would like to lose a bit more fat from my hips and thighs.


Unknown said...

That's amazing, well done sticking with it. You l;ook great.I have his book, the recipes are fab.

M-J said...

You look incredible! The side view is especially amazing, well done bex. So worth all the hard work, especially if you have more energy. I'd really like to be more healthy, so you've inspired me to buy his book (it arrived yesterday) so I'm looking forward to trying some of the recipes. Keep up the good work, I enjoy reading about your progress xx

Nita said...

well done -you look fantastic! very inspirational ;)

Wande Babalola said...

You look amazing! Random question how tall are you? My measurements are almost the same as your pre-SSS

Bex said...

Hi, I'm 5'9" 😊

Laura said...

This is amazing Bex, such a super woman. Well done for sticking it out and putting in the hard work X

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