Monday, 15 August 2016

Lidl Nutrition Mixer Pro - review by Bex

You may have heard of the NutriBullet, NutriNinja or similar type blenders which are super powerful and claim to blitz all of the nutrition into your drink be it from fruit, veg or seeds, it pulverises them into the perfect smoothie.  However, they cost upwards of £80.  My blender attachment of my food processor has done me for smoothies but does sometimes struggle with ice or frozen fruit, simply blitzing the bottom half and leaving the remaining ingredients above.

A few months ago I was looking at these specific blitzers again (as I started my 90 day SSS plan) and Nik had a look online (he's always the bargain hunter) and discovered amazing reviews for Lidl's version, the Nutrition Mixer Pro.  Apparently, for a mere snip of the cost of the original versions at £29.99, the Lidl mixer is just as, if not more powerful at 900W and does the job fantastically.  On top of that, it comes with a 3 year warranty!

Unfortunately, as with most Lidl bargains, they didn't hang around for long and we searched and had family search all of our local Lidl stores to no avail and I went back to my boring old blender, smooshing stuff down with a wooden spoon when it wouldn't blend.

Fast-forward about 3 months to today and we headed to Lidl for BBQ supplies and found their specials of the week were all workout related with clothing and fitness equipment.  I picked up a fa vest top for £2.99 and almost missed the other side of the aisle but what did I find?  Of course, a huge pile of Nutrition Mixers!  A quick google search to make sure it was the right one that had all the great reviews and we snapped one up.  And so did Mum!

It comes with the base stand (with suction feet), a 700ml beaker, 2 x 350ml beakers, a cross blade, a straight blade (for chopping nuts), 2 x lids and instructions complete with 10 smoothie recipes.

My first smoothie was a take on my 90 day SSS plan Blueberry Boom.  I also added some spinach and mango which needed using up.  It was delicious!

It was definitely smoother than my blender manages and was super quick!  I can't wait to try a few more concoctions!  If you're thinking about a Nutri-mixer, I'd definitely recommend this £30 bargain from Lidl!!

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