Thursday, 1 December 2016

Christmas Jumper round up 2016 - by Bex

I have found SO many Christmas jumpers I like this year.  Some of them are already sold out so I thought I better get a post up quick to let you know about my favourites!  Plus, it's December now so time for some blog festivities!

Some are on the cheesier side but when we're talking Christmas jumpers, that's often the point!  I have, however, found a few more tasteful versions as well and I for one am having trouble deciding which to invest in!  I have ordered a couple to see them in the flesh before I make my final decision!

Clockwise from top left: Bauble tunic - Asda £18Bauble jumper - Asda £14Bauble jumper - M&S - £45Bauble jumper - M&S - £29.50

I also like these embellished ones with glitter and sequins and found loads with an animal theme (I saw the bunnies on a weather presenter on ITV after I ordered it):

And there are a few Christmassy slogan versions I like too: 

Another embellished one I like is this big sparkly bow from M&S:

There are also some fab sequin ones which have alternative messages if you sweep the sequins up or down.  There's a kids' one which I featured yesterday and this cracker one which can be a cheery Merry Xmas or a dull Bah Humbug, depending how you're feeling!

Merry Xmas/Bah Humbug Sweater - Asda £12

And for even MORE embellishment, these ones light up!  I grabbed the reindeer one in Asda the other day, their noses light up red!

A lot of the above are unisex but here are a couple more subdued "manly" ones:

And for those not into the Christmas jumper spirit:

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