Friday, 2 December 2016

Kids Christmas Jumper round up 2016 - by Bex

I already listed the adult Christmas jumpers I like but here's the kids' version!

My all time favourite is this one from Asda which not only has rainbow Christmas lights embroidered on but has ACTUAL lights and is only £8!!!  I love the Merry and Bright caption too, even the font.  Sadly, it's already sold out so I am scouring Asda stores looking for some for the twins.  It only starts in size 4-5 years but I love it so much I plan to invest for the future!  I REALLY wish they made it in adult sizes too.  PLEASE do it Asda!!!

Kids Christmas Lights Sweater - £8 - now sold out online :(

As for other kiddy ones, Asda has plenty on offer and here are a few of my favourites:

I thought these ones would be fab for the twins:

There are some much more tasteful, subtle ones too:

Alternatively you could go for the full on Christmas family jumper set.  Think of the Christmas Card photo you could get - cheese fest!

And there's this awesome sequin one with "nice" one way and "naughty" when the sequins are swiped up!

Naughty or Nice Christmas Sweater - Asda £8

And I just had to include this cute little hoodie with the polar bear peeking out of the pocket:

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