Friday, 13 January 2017

The story of us Part 2 - by Bex

So, yeh, I know people don't like scrolling through a million photos but when they're taken by the talented Laura Aziz, surely you can't blame me for sharing ALL THE PHOTOS!?  Seriously, which ones would you leave out of this awesome set??  The bigger question is, which ones do I frame!?

N.b. It's not actually all of them - she's an angel and sent me WAY more than we expected.  Close enough though ;)

Laura has captured so many of the things Priya and Kalyan love!  The bouncing, the chasing, the tickling, building towers, clacking blocks together, their books, hiding... and of course, some that they don't - the hair brushing!


The sudden turn from happiest person in the world to utter devastation - life as a toddler is tough.

She soon cheered up when we got her beads out.

There's just one more instalment to go, our little walk down to our favourite cafe...

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