Saturday, 29 July 2017

Anything Goes Sale in aid of Our Gambia Project

I had the pleasure of meeting Tanya recently in the lovely Chapter Three shop in town and she told me all about her project to help raise £12,000 to buy land and build a pre-school in Gambia.  She's clearly very passionate about it and is holding an "Anything Goes" sale at the Cinque Ports in Uckfield today (Saturday 29th July) from 11am - 3pm.

They're holding a raffle with some amazing prizes including various vouchers for restaurants, hair salons, beauty and gardening, days out, afternoon tea and photo shoots all in the general raffle for £1/ticket.  They also have a garden furniture set worth £600 with tickets on sale for £5.

You can find out more about the project on their Facebook page here but do try to get along and check out the sale and raffle today, they also have RENEW running a nail bar, it's for such a great cause.

Here is a bit more about the story behind the project and the JustGiving page if you would like to donate.

"Over the last few years we have been personally helping a lady called Bernadette with the preschool she volunteers to work at.  When we first visited the school we took colouring pencils, colouring books, pencil sharpeners and rubbers.  Bernadette and the children were thrilled but it soon came clear that more help was needed.  Organised tours go to bigger schools, this school gets missed as do others.  We decided to investigate more, we found most the children wear a uniform which was lovely.  The parents pick these up 2nd hand in the markets."

"The classroom however was in a poor state.  The floor was uneven with big holes in it and boiling hot - so much so that one little girl was sick.  Bernadette had done her best with posters she had bought or written (with her own money from working as a waitress in the evenings) we organised electric to be put into the room and got a fan fitted.  We got the classroom floor concreted, the walls painted and the blackboard re-painted.  On visiting in 2017 they were in 2 months debt of rent, this is due to parents unable to afford £1 a term per child.  This money is meant to pay the rent, if not the doors are locked.  We paid this, which was about £65.  So the landlord won't lock the doors.  We were talking to Bernadette about what help would be best for a long term solution.  There is a plot of land that can be bought for £7000 if they can buy the land they would then need £4000 to build 2 classrooms, an office, a toilet as well as electric and running water.  The toilet consists of a hut with no roof and a drain that the children squat over, no form of hygiene.  Bernadette fills a bin full of water and puts it in the classroom by the door, the children share the cup and use that for the day.  We are aware people donate to other charities.  As we have been visiting the school over the past few years, it breaks our hearts to see the poor conditions they are in, and all just so they can learn.  Any donations will helpful."

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