Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Fruit Picking at Oast Farm Buxted - review by Bex

You all know how much we love Oast Farm, it's so handy for us and the ladies who run it are just lovely, it feels like visiting friends when we head down there.  I've been meaning to have a go at fruit picking with the twins and have finally managed it!

I recently discovered a fellow local blogger from Uckfield and we arranged to meet up at Oast Farm for a coffee and have a go at PYO while we were there.  Zoe from Juggling on Rollerskates is also a Mum who blogs about her adventures with her kids, one of whom is just a few months younger than Kalyan & Priya.  We all had a great time playing at the cafe followed by some breakfast and then went off to explore the farm and pick some raspberries.

There were loads of berries to choose from, including Jostaberries (a cross between currants and goosebrries) which I've yet to try.  We opted for raspberries as I'm not really a fan of currants and the strawberries are up on tables so a bit out of reach for the twins.  The raspberries were perfect as they were in pots on the ground but had some higher up so it was still a bit of a challenge for the twins but not difficult and with plenty of raspberries on offer.

I struggled to get them just to pick the ripe ones so we did end up with a few pale red ones but they still ate them all.  I was impressed with their restraint though when I explained we had to take them back to the shop to pay before they could eat them and they didn't munch a single one!  As soon as they'd been weighed, they were asking to eat them and they were all gone by the time we were half way home!

Comparing, always.

It was lovely to meet another local blogger, I've missed blogger meet ups in Glasgow and Zoe told me about a few that have been happening in Tunbridge Wells, run by Mum's the Word so we've agreed to go together soon to make it less scary attending a big get together knowing no-one else.

No more rasps by the time we hit the stile.

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Zoe said...

Ahhh this is lovely! So nice to meet you...the first of many adventures together!

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