Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Bear & Boo Photography - Family Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago we had a family photo shoot with Bear & Boo Photography, the new family photography business of wedding photographer Eliza Claire.  Eliza asked for families via Instagram to help build her portfolio so we of course volunteered and were lucky enough to be selected as one of the first entries (thanks for the heads up Lucy Stendall)!

We had a fun morning with Eliza down at Rottingdean, we had intended to investigate the rock pools that Laura had recommended to me ages ago but we'd never managed to get a weekend with the right tide times.  This weekend had seemed like a good bet with the time we were due to meet being close to the tide being out but it turned out not close enough with the tide already being much further in than I anticipated!

Love this one of us in front of the white cliffs with the vast blue sky.

We still had fun though, dodging waves and finding squishy seaweed pods, crab shells and perfectly smooth round stones followed by huge ice-creams.

We received 5 free images as part of our shoot, although having just uploaded them here I apparently have 6, I obviously forgot I'd already picked one when I finally managed to narrow it down from my 18 favourites and for some reason it's allowed me to download 5 despite the previous one, thanks Eliza, not sure if that was supposed to happen!?  It's been so tough trying to find some time when Nik and I are both home and not utterly knackered or insanely busy lately what with his job being super busy again, my new job, my parents imminent arrival from Malaysia (they're here now but only for 10 days) and writing my new column!  Eliza kindly extended the gallery twice for me as it expired after a week and we hadn't had a proper chance to go through all 163 images.

My windswept girl

As you can see it was a super sunny day back in June and despite meeting at 9:30 in the morning, the light was very harsh down at the beach yet we've ended up with some lovely images of our fun day out.

Priya was less keen on the sea as you can tell!

Eliza has quite a different style to my own photography which means we have some brighter images for a change.  I love the portraits she captured of Kalyan and Priya below and the fun one of Nik pouring the sea out of Kalyan's welly!  Daddy wasn't quite so quick at getting K out of the waves when the big ones came!

I also wanted to share a screen grab of this photo below of me taking a photo of Priya's ice-cream dribbling all down her arms on the pebble beach.  It's one of my own favourites so it's nice to see a photo of me taking it although I didn't choose it as it's not one I would print.

One of my own photos I took on the day (although I mostly kept my camera in the bag, I couldn't resist these dribbles!)

You can follow Eliza's new Bear & Boo family photography business on Instagram and Facebook and if you fancy seeing a slideshow of more of our images showing how much fun we had, you can watch here.

Which of our 6 images is your favourite?  I keep changing my mind but I think I love the close-up one of Priya's hair blowing about her face the best.

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