Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Don't Let Go by Harlan Coben - Book Review by Bex

It's been months since I read a book!  Life's been so hectic lately I just haven't had the time or inclination to sit down to read but when I saw a new book by Harlan Coben (one of my favourite authors) come up on NetGalley, I decided I had to make time for Don't Let Go and was immediately sucked in as is usual with Harlan's books! 

There are twists and turns, tension and likeable characters which just made me want to keep reading. The kind of book that makes you want to go to bed early to read! I was constantly trying to think of conspiracies and work out who did what, I was suspicious of various characters, it's a great fast-paced read.
  It's out in Hardback and on Kindle on 26th September.

The floodgates have opened and I'm loving reading again so watch out for some more book reviews coming up, Amy has a few recommendations for you next week too!  AND, even more exciting news, she's sharing her kitchen transformation tomorrow!!


Lucky Lil said...

Might give this a read when I've finished my other books. Never read any of Harlan Coben books. X

Janie said...

Just finished reading Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine. Wonderfully witty and painfully poignant...plus set in Glasgow. Well worth a read. Also if you like crime thrillers...you have to give Clare Mackintosh a go, awfully good. Don't read in the bath though, the twist made me drop my book in the water.

Bex said...

Yes, massive fan of crime thrillers, thanks for the tips Janie! You made me lol at you dropping the book, which one of hers was it?

Lilian, you should definitely give him a try, his books are so easy to get into from the start!

Janie said...

Clare Mackintosh has only written two crime thrillers so far but tommich critical acclaim and has won crime fiction awards for them. I Let You Go (2014 - the bath sinker) and I See You (think it was 2016) A former police woman and mother of twins...you'll love them I think. But be prepared to take last minute annual leave to finish them ;-)

Bex said...

Oh I have I let you go as "to read" on my good reads already! 😃

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