Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Pink house kitchen / dining before & after



As you can see the biggest change is that it's in a different room! The original plans for the house show it with this layout so it's nice to know we've returned it to its original use and undone some more of the 70sification. Obviously this made it a much bigger job as we needed to change all the plumbing, electrics etc but it has been SO worth it. I think my favourite part of the new kitchen is the worktops. They're quartz engineered to look like marble (you can't tell in the pics so much but there's a pale grey veining) and I find myself just stroking them. We also love having a dishwasher again!!! I don't know how we coped for so long without one. In terms of the look and feel I decided I wanted it to have a traditional feel in terms of the textures and materials with the mix of wood and stone but with contemporary styling, and I really think we've achieved that.

Quick peek at the back room before so you can see the difference:

and when it was nearly finished:

We are really set on saving and reusing as many bits and pieces from the house as possible. The beams in the before photo above are all fake decorative bits that were stuck on rather than anything original or structural but the wood has been reused to add edging detail to the floor and wall transitions and we are also DIYing a coffee table from those and the oak tongue & groove you can see. Report on that coming soon! 

Where we shopped:
  • Our kitchen came from a local independent company - they were really helpful and organised everything and we were really happy with their service. We could have saved money by sourcing some things ourselves but we were happy to pay for the convenience and lack of stress! 
  • The units are Mereway and all the appliances are all Siemens. 
  • The floor tiles are from Tile Mountain - they were fairly expensive but I love how much light they reflect back into the room. I also love the herringbone pattern even though my builder hated me for it :)
  • The kettle and lights are from next, the stools we ordered a custom height from a random place on ebay. 
  • Our dining table I had made about 10 years ago to my own design (the guy now sells the same one for a fortune - I should have asked for commission!) and the benches were from an ebay seller around the same time. 
  • The radiators were another ebay purchase, and we've got some pale grey blinds from Dunelm (still waiting to be put up). 
  • The various pots and pans on the side and the shelves are an array of Le Creuset, AsdaDunelm, Tesco, Bills and bits we've picked up on travels or from local independent stores. You can just about see my bright pink Kitchenaid peeking out. The surfboard chopping board we bought in Hawaii and the raw edged one behind it is from Tiger
  • I've left out the very rude diner menu we have framed because I know Bex won't like it but it makes me chuckle every time I see it. It was from Scribber.
  • Also I forgot to get a detail shot of this ace tea canister:


amy said...

A few people have asked about the rude menu - it's on my instagram @youknowsoandso

Bex said...

Yeh, I was dying to see it as well (I guess Amy knows I don't tend to swear on the blog) so she sent me the link to see it on her Instagram!

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