Friday, 18 August 2017

Wakehurst's Kew Science Festival - day two review

I already wrote about our first impressions of Kew Science Festival at Wakehurst but we also went back the following day for more educational fun.

On the Sunday, Kalyan's first thought was for the duck in the puddle we'd seen on our way out the day before.  He was so excited to see it and luckily the same duck was in the same puddle again!

We managed to catch one of the plays aimed at little ones, it was so much fun, all about gardening without pesticides and with interactive sections for the kids to join in with.  Judging by the excited faces and the fact our twins watched the whole thing, it was very well received!

We had a go at pressing flowers, making a specimen sheet and some DIY glitter tattooing.  There was a stand for making paper seeds which were then fired from a giant air canon to float back down.  And a colourful map with lots of facts about plants and animals around the world.

The staff were all wonderful, so enthusiastic and friendly.  It was great to see so many children being encouraged about science and finding it interesting.  The kids could earn stickers and medals by participating in various activities too.

Unfortunately we were disappointed with the food on both days, we were unimpressed in the restaurant on Saturday so opted for the only choice at the main festival, the wood fired pizza (although the oven looked a lot like gas to me) and hot dogs which were sadly cremated.  The pizza was nice but expensive at £4 for one slice!  We agreed that if it's on again next year, we'd take a picnic.  The ice-cream was amazing though, Nik and I had salted caramel and the twins shared a raspberry ripple.

We saw the giant butterfly wandering around again, she had a few helpers supporting her legs too.

After lunch we checked out the Community Chef from Lewes who I think is the teacher of our cookery school teacher!  He was making Badger Bean Burgers in flatbreads as an example of "Food for the Future" and we got to taste some after, they were delicious with the sauerkraut slaw!  The recipes can be found here.

It was raining again so we headed back into the Millenium seed bank, watching a tour head down to the vault, before it was time to leave.  We had a quick look around the shop too which was full of lovely thinks including the Botanical book of gorgeous illustrations by Katie Scott who designed a clothing line for H&M which the twins have a few pieces of.  I'm also eyeing up one of her prints too!  And we spotted some lovely looking Kew gins which were also beautifully illustrated on the boxes.

We had a great time at the Science Festival and loved Wakehurst.  We'll be heading back soon to check out more of the grounds and we're interested in a few more of their events too.  Check out the Wakehurst website for more info.

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