Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Hempstead Park, Uckfield - local park review

Hempstead park is one of our favourites in Uckfield.  It's at the end of Hempstead Road, next to the Guide HQ, and has a car park right next to it which I've never had a problem parking in.  Again, it's got the usual things you'd expect - see-saw, swings, climbing frame (they actually have two - a little one and a bigger one), roundabout (again, two of these in different designs) but it also has a tunnel in a little hobbit hill with tree stumps to balance on, a webbed net climbing frame which also spins, a large webbed swing for multiple kids to swing together and a springy jeep and it's all enclosed and has spongy flooring covering most of it, although the bit by the jeep tends to get very muddy.  There's also a big green area next to it which has a very tall slide, a zip line, adult exercise machines and a big rotating swing set.  Kalyan loves to push me on the roundabout and make me feel dizzy!  

The following photos have all been taken over the last year but clearly on different days.

It's a lovely place to go and play, the kids are so safe there so I'm happy to let them run about and have a bit of freedom climbing on the smaller climbing frame themselves.  Their confidence has grown so much since we first took them and they were asking for help on everything.  They'll quite happily cross the mesh bridge and step bridge now as well as climbing the next themselves.  They burn off so much energy, especially when they get out into the big green area and run down the hill to the giant slide, although they've yet to build up the courage to actually slide down it!

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