Thursday, 12 October 2017

Rose & Olive Tearooms in Uckfield - review by Bex

I've been wanting to check out Uckfield's beautiful new Tearooms, named after one of the owner's grandmothers, since they opened back in May but I only recently managed to visit.  It was worth the wait, such a beautiful venue for a relaxed catch up with a friend!

The attention to detail is spot on with luscious 3D floral wallpaper you just have to touch, photos of Rose and Olive, the inspiration behind the idea, the beautiful cake counter from Josefina in town and all of the other little vintage touches like the crockery and gramophone...

On the day I went with a friend, one half of the main area was set up for an Alice in Wonderland themed 30th un-birthday with amazing props and quirky touches.  I'm thinking I'll have to have my 36th (and a half) un-birthday there next June (since December never works for birthday parties this is my new plan after a successful BBQ this June for my 35th).  The party hadn't started yet so the tearooms were pretty quiet, it was nice to have a bit of peace.

My friend and I were admiring the flamingo, toadstools, pocket watches and teapots of all shapes and sizes, it was an amazing table display.  And then they started bringing the cakes out - wow!

Anyway, as for our own food, I ordered their English muffin with tomato chutney, ham, cheese and egg and a hot chocolate.  Laura had a slice of lemon drizzle cake and a pot of tea.  It all looked so pretty but was also delicious!  I loved that my cheese had been properly melted (and even had crispy bits, the best kind of cheese!) and my egg was cooked to perfection.

It was just what the doctor ordered for a morning off while the kids were in pre-school.  And I couldn't resist those amazing looking cheese & sun-dried tomato scones you see above either so I treated myself to a take-away for lunch (which you may have seen on my Instagram stories), it was so good!

I'd definitely recommend the tearooms for a nice relaxed lunch.  I'm not sure whether I'd trust the twins there yet with so much pretty vintage crockery, I don't think I could relax but next time I have a free morning, I think I know where I'll be heading for a slice of cake!  Their afternoon tea menu looks incredible too, I love that you get a choice.  The chef came out to say hello and was so friendly, it's a very welcoming place and even the staff wear vintage clothing.

I can't remember the individual prices as I forgot to keep my receipt but I'm pretty sure my bill came to around £23 for a hot chocolate, ham & egg muffin, Laura's 2 pots of tea and slice of lemon drizzle, plus take-away scone, a brownie and a slice of dairy & gluten free banana cake (not all for me I promise!)  I think that's pretty good value!  All the food is home made by the chef co-owner and you can tell it's fresh and made with good quality ingredients.

Olive Dragonfly Rating - Rose & Olive Tearooms, Uckfield
Food & Drink - 10/10
Atmosphere - 10/10
Service - 10/10
Value - 10/10
Overall - 10/10

I don't actually think I've given a 10/10 before but I really enjoyed it and can find nothing to complain about.  I didn't notice if it was particularly family friendly when it comes to little ones but I'd say it's not that kind of place and that's why I've never taken the kids.  Maybe when they're a bit older or if I could go as a one on one date with each of the twins, I reckon we'd have a lovely time and I'm sure they'd be welcome but I can't imagine taking little toddlers in there, I much prefer to go on my own and enjoy the atmosphere without stressing!

Also, exciting news!  Later this morning, I'll be going on Uckfield FM to talk about the blog so do tune in if you can!  I'm being interviewed at 11:30am, locally it's 105 FM or you can watch and or listen live on the Uckfield FM website!  Eeep!  I'm so nervous and will probably look horrendous on the webcam as we had a power cut this morning = bad hair day!

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