Monday, 23 October 2017

Twins' 3rd birthday Halloween food plans!

The most important foodie item at any children's birthday party is cake!  Of course, there will be two cakes as usual for the twins.  They're already excited this year about their cake and blowing out all their candles (we've been to a few parties recently).  They've both asked for carrot cake, I think because they remember Mummy's birthday cake at my BBQ in June which they loved and helped me blow out the candles on.  

I will of course be making said carrot cakes (although K has also mentioned chocolate cake) but need to somehow make them Halloweeny, I'm thinking this monsters will be easy enough and can be made with any kind of cake.  When I mentioned monster cakes to the kids and asked them their favourite colours, P insisted on red and K would like blue or purple.  (I've already bought the right Wilton nozzle for the furry one on the bottom!)

I'm also liking these Monster cookies which I might make as Oaties with added food colouring.

Here are a few other Halloween party food ideas I'm loving on Pinterest including healthier fruit options and savoury options:
Clockwise from Top Left: Carrot Pumpkins, Olive SpiderGhost EggsBabybel Eyeballs

As for drinks, I like the idea of  Swamp water but I'll probably do my poison bar again with my collection of bottles filled with coloured water.

Do you have any tips or other ideas?  Preferably something easy, I don't have any spare time this week :/

I've also just spotted these spider pizzas, they're fab and look so creepy!  Plus the twins LOVE olives!


Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

I love the fun food collection.

Bex said...

Me too! I just hope I find time to do some of them 😃

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