Thursday, 19 October 2017

Twins' 3rd birthday Halloween party plans!

The twins are nearly three!  I know, how did this happen already?!  The last year has gone even faster than ever before and I'm back in full on party planning mode.  As I'm busier than ever these days with work, the blog and bexphoto (I've had to call in help on Baking Club and Book Club as I just can't cope!), I have decided to combine their birthday party and Halloween as I just can't manage two parties this year and yet don't want to miss out on a Halloween one, you know how much I love Halloween!

So, not only are we having a fancy dress Halloween party for their birthday, but we're also having it a couple of weeks early as that also coincides with when my Mum is in the country (to visit my brand new nephew who I'm heading up to meet after the party weekend).  I'm still leaving things a bit late as all I've managed to do so far is pin some ideas and book the awesome face painter we met at Wakehurst's Science Festival.  I've provisionally booked a hall (as I don't want 20+ toddlers smearing painted faces on my sofa/carpets/anything else) and have some ideas for activities and food but I really must get organised!

I have NO idea what to dress the twins in.  I am not very good at coming up with good ideas or utilising the potential cuteness/funniness of the twin thing when it comes to Halloween outfits so any ideas would be very gratefully received!  It needs to be something that needs an awesome face paint design.  I did spot a cute Day of the Dead outfit in Asda but the girl's one only starts in size 5-6 despite the boy's being available in 3-4.  It wouldn't bother me at all putting them both in the boys one but I would like them to have similar but different outfits if possible.  (I also like that they both have blue AND pink.)

As for activities, I've come up with the following ideas.  Again, if you have any thoughts or have seen any cool (but easy to organise) Halloween activities, please let me know!  

There will be the classic pass the parcel too and I might get a Pumpkin Pinata and fill it with little bottles of bubbles (trying to avoid too many sweets!)  There will have to be apple bobbing too of course but at the start before they all have their faces painted!!  I also saw an idea of burying bones in a tub of dirt for the kids to dig up and I have plenty of bones I could use from previous parties but Nik thought dirt was a bad idea so I might use brown dyed rice instead.

I've written a separate post with food ideas and cake plans you can follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram to keep up with blog posts and other random things I share ;)

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