Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Eastbourne Theatre's Hunting of the Snark!

This time next week we'll be taking the twins for their first ever theatre trip at Devonshire Park Theatre in Eastbourne to see The Hunting of the Snark!  Based on the poem by Lewis Carroll, it looks like so much fun, we can't wait!

There are showings at 1:30pm and 5pm on Tuesday 14th November.  Tickets are still available and you can book online via the Eastbourne Theatres website.  It's a great pre-Christmas outing before all of the festive craziness starts and a nice treat for the twins since they turn 3 on Saturday!!

We'll be reviewing it afterwards as well, so if you can't make it or live near another theatre where The Hunting of the Snark is touring or fancy checking out Devonshire Park Theatre another time, be sure to come back to see what we think!

Here's the spiel from the website:

"The impossible voyage of an improbable crew to hunt an imaginary creature is brought magically to life in this sparkling musical comedy adventure for 4 to 94 year olds. 

 Enter the imaginative world of Alice in Wonderland creator, Lewis Carroll, in this brand new, highly original, ultra-modern adaptation inspired by his beloved classic poem. 

 Fresh from London’s West End, this show features five high-energy actors, a life-like puppet, fantastical characters, and lashings of daft humour. 

 A riotous ragtag gang of bold adventurers including the Banker, the Boy, the Butcher, the Baker, the Bellman and the knitting Beaver set off on a quest to catch the mythical Snark… on the journey they encounter the Jub Jub bird, the sly Bandersnatch and the dastardly Boojum… Can a Snark be caught with soap? Will the Beaver escape the hungry Butcher’s clutches? Will the Baker remember his name? Does anyone know what a Snark actually looks like? 

Side-splittingly funny, joyful, fast-paced and bursting with an award-winning soundtrack of witty and memorable songs, The Hunting of the Snark will delight, excite and entertain."

And a few reviews I've found:

★★★★ "Like Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Bedknobs and Broomsticks. There’s a slick slapstick and zippy one-liners, plus a string of snappy songs that are eminently hummable." The Stage

★★★★ "Gleeful fun, performed with fleet-footed precision and vivacity" The Times

★★★★ "A visual feast for children" Radio Times

★★★★ "Foolish, mad and a barrel of laughs" Broadway World

★★★★ "Completely charming and delightful" LondonTheatre1

★★★★★ "Packed to the gunnels with laughter and mayhem, there’s plenty of great moments for the kids (and adults)." Edinburgh Evening News

I can't wait, I think Kalyan and Priya are going to love it!  Let me know if you're going :D

We have received free tickets to the show in return for helping to promote it and our review after the event.

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