Monday, 13 November 2017

Guest Room makeover plans - Home Inspiration in East Sussex

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Our spare room has been largely left since we moved in.  It's well used as Nik's parent currently stay over every Sunday night to look after the twins while I work on Mondays, or when my parents visit from Malaysia or any other guests like when Gems and Aldo come to visit (and on the odd occasion of snoring/illnesses meaning Nik or I use it)!

I made a little collage which shows a few products I like (some of which I've already bought).

Top L-R: Human print - £28 - Violet & Thistle, "Stiffkey Blue" Paint - £43.50 - Farrow & Ball, 
Archie Table Lamp - £49 - M&S, Zzz LED Lightbox - £27.50 - John Lewis
Bottom L-R: Hexagon Gold Mirror - £25 Oliver Bonas, Irving Bedside Table - £29 - Asda, 
Designer's Guild "Quill" Wallpaper in Cobalt - £59 - John Lewis, 3 Cactus Ornaments - £39 - Love Frankie

I've also made a grid of inspirational pics I found on Instagram.  Most of which used Hague Blue, but I've gone for Stiffkey Blue above which has less of a green tinge but isn't as dark since that room doesn't get a lot of light (I'm yet to get testers).  If you're looking for some gorgeous home inspiration, I'd give these accounts a follow - linked below!

Here is the spare room on the day we moved in:

All we've done is to add furniture and a few pictures, none of which really go together.  All the stuff that didn't go in other rooms was put in here so it's a mish-mash of books, pictures, lamps, furniture and ornaments, none of which I wanted to get rid of but equally didn't like enough in other rooms.

So here it is now, a bit of a mess really, I don't like it at all:

I'm hoping we can turn it into something stylish and sophisticated with a touch of modern quirkiness.

I've ordered a new headboard in grey turin fabric and we've already booked in our favourite decorator, Matt from MRJ Services who painted most of the house when we first moved in!  (I still need to show you the amazing work he did in the master bedroom recently too!)

We could do with a new blind as we just got a basic white blackout roller-blind when we moved in and the lampshade probably needs to change too although I do like the African batik design we bought in Mayfield on our baby-moon a week before I had the twins!  It might go better on a lamp in that room.  I think we need to get rid of the tallboy and/or bookcase to create a bit more of a spacious feel but we do need to keep a decent amount of storage for when we have our longer-term visits from my parents who usually stay a week or two.  Perhaps I could replace them with a nice shallow chest of drawers instead.

Anyway, those are my thoughts so far, I can't wait to get started on what is really a blank canvas.  I am so determined to finally rid our home of clutter next year, this seems a good place to start (as well as removing the mound of stuff I've already discarded from the garage)!

Any tips, ideas or opinions would be gratefully received!  What do you think of my plans for this room?

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