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Raindrop cushion - Pin It Do It & Tutorial

Well, here's a post I started writing in November 2014.  I'm sure you can imagine why that was such a busy month (what with the twins being born!) and it never got finished.  But, we have the return of #pinitdoit, I was reminded to finish this one and I recently shared a pic of the cushion on Instagram too.

This is another project I was working on for the nursery with all of that lovely rainbow felt I used to make the heart garland!  I loved this idea when I first saw this cushion below and knew I had to have a go at making one!

Image Source via Pinterest

I've obviously changed the design slightly and I wanted to include more colours.  I've managed to find my old photos I took of the process as I made it so here's my tutorial if you fancy making something similar yourself.  It's a lot of fun and you could do all sorts of colourways to suit your home!

You will need:
plain cushion cover  (I went for grey like the original image as rain clouds usually mean a grey sky, despite the fact that I made white clouds, plus I just like grey.  I got mine from H&M.)
paper & pencil
felt in various colours
tailor's chalk
embroidery threads in matching colours to the felt
stuffing (optional, I put some stuffing under my clouds to make them more puffy)
cushion pad


First, draw and cut out your shapes.  I opted for 3 clouds in varying size just like the example from Pinterest and I decided to make my raindrops varying sizes too and with more colours than shown above.  I also cut out a piece in the size of my cushion cover since that hadn't arrived yet and I had plenty of packing paper since we'd just moved.  I pinned my templates to the felt and drew around them with tailor's chalk before cutting them all out.  (Or I cheated and just pinned them on and cut around them!)

I then checked the layout I wanted to use, moving them around on my cushion template until I was happy.

I stitched the clouds on to my cushion cover first using a blanket stitch, ensuring it just went through one layer and I didn't sew the two sides of the cushion together!  (*cough* I may have done something like this before! *cough*)

I left a space to stuff the clouds with some old pillow stuffing to make them a bit more puffy and cloud like, then stitched the rest down.

I then used a chain stitch coming down from the clouds (as I think they look like a little chain of raindrops) to each felt raindrop in matching coloured embroidery thread before sewing on the drop at the bottom with a straight forward stitch around the edge.  And that was it, simple!

In hindsight, I wish I'd moved the whole design up a little on the cushion, I forgot that when the pad was inside, the edge would curve so the lower raindrops disappear slightly when it's sat up on the daybed.  I also need a firmer cushion pad as this one's so soft it just folds so you don't see the design properly.  I still absolutely love it though!!

The other cushions are the Jammie Dodger by Nikki McWilliams, a house-warming gift from Roz, and the Ice-cream from Bonne Nuit which I won via an Instagram competition, it goes perfectly!  You can check out how I made the matching rainbow heat garland on a previous Pin It Do It post.

Whether you're linking up your blog or your Instagram posts for Pin It Do It this month, you'll find the linky below.  I'm leaving it open for the month so you have plenty of time to add any Pinterest inspired projects you do in November.

Olive Dragonfly Pin It Do It

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