Friday, 15 December 2017

Cable & Cotton lights - Brighton store experience

If you love colour like I do, you must visit the Cable & Cotton shop in Brighton!  I already have a set of their lights in green and grey (our wedding colours) from 2011 but now they do LED ones and after seeing their window display for Brighton Pride, I knew we needed a new set for the twins' room in rainbow colours.  When Ma asked what she could get the twins for Christmas this year, I knew just the thing!  

I'd already had a look online at the colours but wanted to see them in the gradient to know which ones would look best (the online tool shows them in a random muddle) so we went along to the store in Brighton's Lanes a couple of weeks ago.  I'd been past a few times but never actually been in, it's a beautiful array of lovely bright colours and they had their Christmas wreath made up of their lights in the window.

Priya loved taking the coloured balls out of each container for me as I decided which ones would look best.  (I wish I'd taken my camera out sooner and got some photos of her having fun.)  I knew I'd have 3 of some and 4 of others so wanted to see the whole line up to decide which would look best with more.  They're cleverly held in by a zig-zag of elastic so you just pull them through as you select your choices, it's so much fun filling up your basket!

I'm so excited to put them on the lights and get them up in their room on Christmas day!  The new LED lights mean they're one long string rather than a loop like my old ones, as well as being more energy efficient and safer of course so we might use these as their new nightlight depending how bright they are.  It might stop Kalyan putting the big light on as they like to read in bed and he gets out to put the main light on most evenings!

I opted for the longest option with 50 balls so I can cluster them up together and get a dramatic look of the rainbow gradient.  I love the colours I've chosen and was chuffed to be asked in the store if I was an artist as I had a good eye for colours ;)

My selection on the counter.
I'm now thinking I may have to add one more green and swap out a Mandarin Red, any excuse for another visit!

The 50 ball length was £42 in store which is cheaper than I was expecting as they're £49.95 online although I often see codes for 10% or 15% off.  That includes the new USB plug but you can add a 3 pin plug adaptor for £4.95.  If you're not sure which colours to go for out of the 49 options, they also have some pre-chosen sets available, I like the buttercup with yellow and greys.

I'm quite tempted to get a little set for the guest room revamp too!

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